Health Pick up lines

The best Health pick up lines

Are you my mental health?

Cuz, sure, your not the best but I can't live without you.
šŸ‘¤ļøŽ u/_MyChemicalTrench_
šŸ“…ļøŽ Oct 13
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Are you a health potion?

Because when Iā€™m with you, all my hearts are full
šŸ‘¤ļøŽ u/moustacheee
šŸ“…ļøŽ Sep 02
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I think I need a health insurance

Cause when I am around you my heart stops beating
šŸ‘¤ļøŽ u/sunridersurya
šŸ“…ļøŽ Aug 09
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My mama says you're bad for my health

'Cause whenever I'm with you, I pinch myself to check if I'm dreaming.
šŸ‘¤ļøŽ u/ThatSmartIdiot
šŸ“…ļøŽ Apr 08
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minecraft pickup lines

are u redstone dust? because u make my rail go up like a creeper i feel like exploding when i see you on minecraft there are a lot of things to restore your health and hunger right, but theres only one thing i want to fill me up i heard that killing the ender dragon gives u a lot of experience, but im sure u could give me even more
šŸ‘¤ļøŽ u/mrstarkionfeelgood
šŸ“…ļøŽ Mar 27
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Hey babe, are you ok?

Because I care about you and your mental health, hows life going? If you want to have a talk im all ears. I love you.
šŸ‘¤ļøŽ u/_face_ache_
šŸ“…ļøŽ Jun 02
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