Block Pick up lines

The best Block pick up lines

Hey girl are you a block of cheese?

My doctor warned me about you. Just the thought of eating you out made my heart stop 💀🧀
👤︎ u/darling_23
📅︎ Dec 08
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Are you a block of dirt?

Because I dig you.
👤︎ u/suyashve
📅︎ Oct 09
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Are you that one block of water?

Because I'd love to dive in you
👤︎ u/Ostiaxus
📅︎ May 24
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Are you 14 blocks of obsidian arranged in a rectangle?

Because i want to set you the fuck on fire.
👤︎ u/ilove2eatbread
📅︎ Nov 23
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Hey are you a minecraft dirt block?

Cus im digging you
👤︎ u/Temkalhk
📅︎ Aug 22
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Are you a redstone block?

Are you a redstone block?... cause you make my piston extend...
👤︎ u/MayonaisePacket
📅︎ Dec 26
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Are you a redstone block

Cause you activate my piston
👤︎ u/ItsyaboiMiku
📅︎ Sep 17
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Are you a Minecraft tree block?

cause I want to punch you
👤︎ u/anglophoenix216
📅︎ Aug 31
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Are you a block of bedrock

Because no ones gonna penetrate you
👤︎ u/jayforder
📅︎ Aug 30
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Are you a brick block from super mario?

Cause my head would leave you in pieces.
👤︎ u/Lxrdkxnt
📅︎ Apr 25
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Are you a redstone block?

Because you make my piston extend
👤︎ u/EricPqnda3yes
📅︎ Sep 08
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Are you blocking the flow of water?

👤︎ u/VengefulVendetta
📅︎ Mar 30
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Instagram Flirting 👀

Once I got an Idea to hit pickup lines on Instagram. So I created anonymous account and gained some fake followers and then started DM with cheesy pickup lines. After many DMs a girl replied "Ankh se goli maar kr udda dungi😌😏". But I didn't Stop to hit more pickups 😂. But got blocked for 4 days and requested me by 'asking who are you ?' Again I hit 'Do you know me ?' She replied 'Kon hooo bhai' "Oh that's right, we've only met in my dreams" She : Aww that was cute 🥰 ...But I have a boyfriend.. sorry Me : even goal has a goalkeeper but still we score She : 😂😂😂omg!!! Ima take that from you You should follow me so I can see your insta . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . And FU*K oucht
👤︎ u/mikepatell
📅︎ Jun 22
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How to Accelerate your results in Game?

What are the 4 shifts you must go through? (Part 1/ 2) One of the core issues man have is: What are you thinking about when you are gaming? A lot of guys are WASTING a lot of their MENTAL RAM in what is the next step. What should I say next? What is she thinking about me? Does she like me? How can I sexualize more? One of the key things to do is to get free of all those worries. You should already assume that she likes you. This will free up some space and allow you to relax more in the interaction. The only thing that you should be concerned about is her logistics and if they are people around like friends who might cock block you. The main thought should be around what are the possibilities. What are the odds of getting her home? You should allow yourself to be in the moment and not be in state of doing something or trying to do something. This will allow you to be present and actually listen to the girl That's why many of your interactions end up not going anywhere... Get rid of that mental RAM usage! Only use the mental RAM for logistics, understand the current situation and move things forward. The rest is assumed! You should get to a point where you have a paradigm shift. You might get results with routines and stuff like that... However, You will figure out that the goal is not only the result You should be able to ENJOY THE ALL PROCESS and not seeing it as a job or something you are doing to the girl. STOP SEEING EVERYTHING AS A COMPETITION! For example when she is shit testing you and you think that you must win her over. Start seeing it more as a COLLABORATION where you and she are on the same team. You should be feeling EMPATHY and not COMPETITIVENESS. Instead as seeing other man as competition or cock blockers see them as your friends. Realise that NOBODY is against you. They are all part of YOUR TRIBE. This frame of mind will make you pretty much UNSTOPPABLE. You are NO LONGER in your interactions to WIN something. What happens is that you're just being NORMAL and not competing like everybody else The funny thing is girls start noticing you more. She will ask herself why is he not behaving like the other guys? She will be chasing you like you never seen before. When the quarantine is over go out and try this and let me know what changes did you see Btw don't miss PART 2 where im going to talk about the final and most important paradigm shift that will explode YOUR RESULTS.
👤︎ u/barrocasdiogo
📅︎ May 01
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Damn Girl, are you a Diamond Pickaxe?

Cuz I'm an obsidian block and only you could get me off.
👤︎ u/Lanurus
📅︎ Oct 14
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Stole from RacconEggs

Are you a minecraft dirt block? because I dig you
👤︎ u/alpacayt
📅︎ Mar 04
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