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The best Booze pick up lines

They say that a man only needs 3 B’s in life

Booties, boobs and booze. Well the drinks are from me...
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📅︎ Jan 24
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Smoothest thing I have ever said by far....

Cute nerdy girl sits 2 seats down from me at the empty hotel bar. We chit chat for 15 mintues about work tv booze and whatnot. I want to have a cig, she doesnt smoke. I get up and say " you gonna be here for another 5 mintues?" She says "yeah ill watch your beer" as i take 2 steps away I say " I dont really care about the beer, I was just hoping youd still be here when I get back." She did one of those surprised quick audible inhales... I didnt look back. I get back from smoking and she moved to the chair next to me. I sit down and she puts her hand on my leg immediately. Conversation turned sexual quickly. She has my room key, shes coming up, she stopped at her room obviously to freshen up before it goes down. Tl;dr one line gets sex
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📅︎ Dec 20
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