Closer Pick up lines

The best Closer pick up lines

So baby hold me Closer

In the bathtub with a toaster. Or whatever the chainsmokers said
📅︎ Oct 20
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I'd love to be Saturn

So I could be closer to Uranus
👤︎ u/F3Y_X
📅︎ Jun 26
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Girl are you my enemy?

Because I want to keep you closer to me
📅︎ Jun 02
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Are you a black hole?

Because attraction grows and time distorts the closer I get to you.
👤︎ u/PlotTwizted
📅︎ Feb 23
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Girl, you make so hard you better take a step back

One inch closer and you'd've already been pregnant
👤︎ u/Y2KoNo
📅︎ Feb 28
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I'm trying to petition the government to remove the letters j thru t.

I want to get i and u closer together.
👤︎ u/santino1987
📅︎ Nov 29
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hey cutie ur on my radar

cause every time u come closer, i get a bing
👤︎ u/HienWhen
📅︎ May 06
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This girl's visiting my country next month. What do I do now?

This girl is living in London. I'm not, not even around England. She'll be visiting my country next month, which is, very near. We met online, never met each other in real life but we've been exchanging messages well over 4 months and now we got closer thanks to my effort. Today she just messaged me in a sense that I'm kind of special to HER. This is exact quote from her "I feel comfortable talking with you in general.", "I only speak this frequently and this regularly with my real college friends". She's feeling comfortable towards me but I don't want all my efforts go into a friendzone. So I'm like, what's next? What do I do now? One time, she asked me about a nice restaurant in my town. Should I slip that into my next conversation like "Hey, I've found this nice tea place that offers English tea cake on the way back home. Do you want to check out this place when you visit here? To see if it's authentic or not (or something) Thing is, her profile on online app still says "I'm not here for looking for dates". But this could be a lie, right? Especially she seems to like me (as a friend as of NOW, of course. Later this will turn into boom-boom pow partner) Are there any advices you guys can give me on this situation?
👤︎ u/bsbnsc
📅︎ Mar 22
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Damn baby are you a magnet

Because you pull me closer! lol
📅︎ Apr 01
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If i were a function, you would be my asymptote

I get closer and closer to you but we never touch.
👤︎ u/Person_Face
📅︎ Dec 10
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