Clumsy Pick up lines

The best Clumsy pick up lines

I’m clumsy, it’s autumn, you’re beautiful:

Three reasons why I’m falling for you
👤︎ u/Armando_Munoz
📅︎ Nov 13
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A response to: “I’m so clumsy”

“So that’s how I met you; you fell from heaven”
👤︎ u/-DCPT-
📅︎ Sep 30
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For the clumsy boys and girls! :D

Are you stairs? Cuz i just fell for you.
👤︎ u/Distubed_Duck
📅︎ Aug 08
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Can you afford a dozen limes?

If you can, then take them and go in front of your woman and drop them. Start picking them up and drop a few while picking them up. Be a little clumsy. "Hey I need your help here, cause you see I'm pretty bad at pick up limes".
👤︎ u/Feynman_weds_Dirac
📅︎ Jan 09
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