Dudes Pick up lines

The best Dudes pick up lines

Hit me with your best pickup lines mah dudes

I’ll try em out and post the results here if you’d like.
👤︎ u/lavenderlyfe
📅︎ Mar 16
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For ya all indian dudes out there

Baatei aaisi krta hu ki duniya bhula du .......... ...Baatei aaisi krta hu ki duniya bhula du....... .........Bistar me to aao tumhe jannat dikha du
👤︎ u/nchugh7
📅︎ Apr 04
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I need some creativity

I need a funny pickup line to tell this guy at school. I want it to seem smooth and natural, like not too obvious, so if he reacts weird I can play it off But if you got any other good ones, comment it my dudes
👤︎ u/mrsjunglebear1
📅︎ Jan 17
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