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The best Earlier pick up lines

Came up with this earlier, let me know what you think

Roses are red, The sky is very blue. who do i love the most? That would be you
👤︎ u/dankmemelord234
📅︎ Jan 05
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Stumbled upon the best 10/10 I've seen on instagram earlier, give me your best openers

Most upvotes wins
👤︎ u/Emerge12
📅︎ Nov 15
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So I was reading Genesis earlier....

and since that's the book of beginnings. I was hoping this is the beginning of a relationship.
👤︎ u/Master167
📅︎ Mar 26
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Hey there I’m playing detective

And you fit the description of the culprit that [made a few boys cry earlier]. You’ve got the same [beautiful eyes, cute face, sexy outfit, killer body, and smile], that I’ve been looking for all night! I’m going to have to bring you in for a one on one.
👤︎ u/superfsh
📅︎ Dec 12
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