Feather Pick up lines

The best Feather pick up lines

Damn girl are you an angel?

Cause I’m allergic to feathers.
👤︎ u/AnonymousCringer
📅︎ Oct 02
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Hey baby are you an angel?

“Cause I’m allergic to feathers.” Then proceed to vomit all over her and the floor.
👤︎ u/CecilBlight
📅︎ Aug 20
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Hey girl are you an angel?

Cause I'm allergic to feathers. *Barfs*
👤︎ u/MothThatLuvsLamps
📅︎ Sep 16
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Did it hurt when you fell from y:256

i actually have the reply to this No,i had feather falling IV boots
👤︎ u/ProperMouse
📅︎ Sep 15
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Pickup line for Heather, or anything close to that

Heather, light as a feather, Chillin on tindah, waiting for her one and only to find her
👤︎ u/SupportFeeder
📅︎ Jun 22
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