Greek Pick up lines

The best Greek pick up lines

Hey girl are you from Greece?

Cause you look like Aphrodite 😍 (Greek goddess of beauty and love)
📅︎ Dec 10
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Are you a plate at a greek wedding?

Cause I'd smash
👤︎ u/PostmansPat
📅︎ Dec 24
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If I could be any Greek deity I'd want to be Cronus.

Because I'd be the only one who can destroy Uranus.
👤︎ u/AshyBoneVR4
📅︎ May 18
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Since there are 0 pickup lines I can find for someone called Izi here is one

Did you know your name derives from the ancient Egyptian and ancient Greek root isis, meaning gift of isis, She was one of the most powerful and used magic, when we matched I thought I felt a tingle in my stomach, you must of cast a spell on me
👤︎ u/LucasLoci
📅︎ Jan 06
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