Fitness Pick up lines

The best Fitness pick up lines

Hey, you into fitness?

How bout you fitness dick in your mouth
👤︎ u/SeriouslyPurple
📅︎ Feb 13
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I’ve heard you like fitness

Can I fit this dick in your ass?
👤︎ u/SHARRlS
📅︎ Jan 12
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Are you the fitness gram pacer test?

Because the longer I go the harder I get
👤︎ u/browdowski
📅︎ Mar 22
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Are you into fitness?

How about you fitness dick in your mouth
👤︎ u/MinimalistPrime
📅︎ Apr 23
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I see you like your fitness?

Why don't we try fitness dick in your mouth.
👤︎ u/willjhc
📅︎ Dec 27
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Hey are you into fitness?

Cause I'm trying to fitness dick in your ass
👤︎ u/Throwaway726274
📅︎ Jun 18
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