Flip Pick up lines

The best Flip pick up lines

Are you a music sample?

cuz I'm gonna flip you and use till you feel good
👤︎ u/wtfparth
📅︎ Jan 08
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If I flip a coin, what are the odds you give me head

Girl: none Guy: Then do I get the tail?
👤︎ u/patrix299
📅︎ Feb 06
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Did you flip a switch

Because you turned me on
📅︎ Sep 22
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If I flip a coin.............

What are my chances of getting head?
👤︎ u/Shub_007
📅︎ Jun 23
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(Only works if your British) Are you an Olympian?

Because your fit as flip
📅︎ Jul 18
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Hey girl, are you a pillow

Cause I wanna flip you over and dig my face in you
📅︎ Jul 14
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Hey feel my shirt, you know what that is?

It's a cotton and polyester blend... what you thought I was going to say boyfriend or girlfriend material didn't you. Well, you are wrong. Don't assume I like you if you don't even know me. On the flip side, your clothes look so soft that we should cuddle.
📅︎ Jan 24
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are you my pillow in the summertime?

Because you're so hot that i want to flip you over and feel your freshness on my face
📅︎ Nov 24
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You can call me the Titantic

As long as you let me flip you over halfway through the ride Edit: I think this is the only good original thing I've ever come up with
📅︎ Jul 08
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Your my redstone to my lever

In minecraft when a lever is flipped the red stone glows/ turns on. This line means u turn her on.
📅︎ Jul 31
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I wish you were my skateboard...

So I could grind you, flip you and ride you all day :^)
👤︎ u/zyref
📅︎ Mar 15
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