Horror Pick up lines

The best Horror pick up lines

You have a good chance to be in a horror movie.

As the angel that comes down from heaven to kill the demons.
👤︎ u/most45
📅︎ Nov 20
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I'm not a horror movie but...

I can make you scream
📅︎ Jul 28
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What do you and a horror movie have in common

You both can make my heart race in a matter of seconds
👤︎ u/3ndr11
📅︎ May 12
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I think you are a horror movie

Because i can't sleep when i think about you.
👤︎ u/not_pieter
📅︎ Jun 30
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Are you a horror movie?

Because I'd cry over you for months on end.
👤︎ u/AlannaNoel
📅︎ Jan 15
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Girl, is this a horror movie?

Because I hear you're sound and i wanna check you out.
📅︎ Apr 15
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