Coat Pick up lines

The best Coat pick up lines

Hey baby you ever had your a** licked by a fatman in a trench coat

Me either. But since I got your attention do you have a moment to talk about our Lord n savior
📅︎ Apr 27
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Are you a bunch of raccoons in a trench coat pretending to be a girl on Tinder?

Because I am NOT falling for that a third time, damn catfishing trash bandits.
👤︎ u/np190
📅︎ Sep 04
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Do you mind taking my coat?

And I'll hold your number for you.
👤︎ u/JAMN120
📅︎ Aug 10
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I am not even gonna try to sugarcoat it, I just want to suck some titties.

On second thoughts I am okay sugar coating them too.
📅︎ Jun 27
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