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hey girl,are you a computer?

because I wanna install my hardware in you
📅︎ Nov 13
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Hey gurl/guy, are you 25 years spent installing industrial flooring coupled with Osteoporosis?

Because you make my knees weak.
📅︎ May 24
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Are you a computer, girl?

Because I want to install some drivers into you from my pen drive.
👤︎ u/nine9ten10
📅︎ Sep 26
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Are you the hardware of my dreams?

> Screw software, I want > > to install my own firmware > > into your wetware
👤︎ u/Diapolo10
📅︎ May 13
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I would love to give you 11 inches...

But you would have to receive it in 2 installments.
📅︎ Jan 01
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Anyone got any pickup lines related to solar panels?

I've been trying to think of one since I installed some solar panels but i'm drawing a blank
👤︎ u/slayeraa223
📅︎ Feb 04
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