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The best Item pick up lines

*Checking out at a store*

If I didn't have these items would you still check me out?
📅︎ Jan 11
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If you were an item at an Indian restaurant, you would have three chillies next to your name...

Because you make me shit myself!
👤︎ u/A_Telephone
📅︎ Mar 13
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Carlos Xuma - Sexual Spark System [Download link?]

Anyone has got the download link for this item? I'm looking to get better and it seems really interesting as a program!
📅︎ Nov 16
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Are you sold out at the grocery store?

Because you're a non-perishable item
📅︎ Mar 17
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hey girl are you homo

cause lesbian item
👤︎ u/umhum29
📅︎ Mar 10
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Are you a self service checkout?

Because I want to put my unexpected item in your bagging area
👤︎ u/jfb1337
📅︎ Oct 25
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Ever wanted to hit on a cute girl at the register of a store, but don't have time because you'd hold up the line? Try this.

This isn't a pickup line per se, but I've always found this situation to be frustrating. She's super hot, but you can't chat her up during your transaction-- it doesn't take long enough, and you can't just stand there holding up the people behind you. So here's what I do (and it's worked a couple times). What you'll need: A pen, a post-it note, and a little bit of stealth What you do: Walk into the store, ID the girl you want to talk to. As soon as you walk in, make sure she can't see you put the pen on the counter-- a good way to do this is to do it as you bend down to tie your shoes (leave one shoe untied to make it more convincing). When you're checking out, put your items on the counter and put your post-it note to the side (maybe take it out of your pocket as if you're looking for your money/wallet/card and just want to discard it for a second). This is where the pen from the beginning comes in. Ask her "Hey, can I borrow that pen?" She'll assume it's the store's, and she'll say sure. While she's ringing you up, write your name and number on the post-it note. Take your items and your change, and then give her this: "Oh, here's your pen back... thanks. And here's my phone number. Call me." And then calmly walk out of the door with a smile on your face. MAKE SURE YOU SMILE. Add a wink if you're feeling particularly confident. It also helps if you can at least make small talk during the process-- try to make her laugh or smile. Like I said, this has worked for me at least twice, and one time it didn't work, the girl still said it was "cute." Just thought I'd share a solution to a problem I hate. Didn't really know where else to put it. This is gonna get downvoted straight to the eighth circle of Hell, isn't it? :-(
👤︎ u/RayAP19
📅︎ Nov 25
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Are you Miss America?

Because you're kind of pretty. *Custom pick-up lines by Sloopy* ^Leave ^your ^suggestions ^for ^my ^next ^item ^below ^in ^the ^form ^of: > Are you a ***your suggestion***?
👤︎ u/WillHungFan
📅︎ Mar 30
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Are you a wall socket?

Because I want to use you in a number of applications that require a power source. *Custom pick-up lines by Sloopy* ^Leave ^your ^suggestions ^for ^my ^next ^item ^below ^in ^the ^form ^of: > Are you a ***your suggestion***?
👤︎ u/WillHungFan
📅︎ Mar 30
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