1st Pick up lines

The best 1st pick up lines

(Works Only on 1st Day of the Month) Are you today's date?

Coz you are the one.
📅︎ Sep 27
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When I 1st laid eyes on you, I immediately signed up to be an organ donor. Do you know why?

Because I want to give my heart to you
👤︎ u/nahcekimcm
📅︎ Mar 23
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*1st message* Happy Monday! *2nd message* Haha.

worst post-hookup message I've ever received irl
📅︎ Sep 26
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to be used on strangers

Approach target on either left/ right side the say "Hey do you believe in love at 1st sight?" If she says no, do a quick spin around to the other side from her back and say "How about at 2nd sight?" Hope this works!
👤︎ u/sizzlorr26
📅︎ Oct 20
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