Bell Pick up lines

The best Bell pick up lines

Hey, do you wanna go get some taco bell?

If not, I'm sure we can find another way to destroy your asshole.
👤︎ u/orphanIncest
📅︎ Dec 13
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Hey girl are you a Taco Bell mens bathroom?

Because I wanna flush you hard tonight. then avoid you until im hungry and desparate.
👤︎ u/ChristianStonks999
📅︎ Oct 25
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Hey girl, if you jingle my bells

I'll promise you a white Christmas
👤︎ u/savage420mememaster
📅︎ Dec 05
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If you jingle my bells,

I promise you'll have a white Christimas
👤︎ u/bincheee
📅︎ May 16
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Hey girl, are you Christmas

Cuz I'd like to jingle your bells
👤︎ u/MarsGen2032
📅︎ Nov 03
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Are you Belle Delphine?

Because I would pay for your bath water.
👤︎ u/sdal9780
📅︎ Feb 28
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Hey girl, are you a Taco Bell?

Because I want to go in and out real quick
👤︎ u/Btc_noob321
📅︎ Jun 23
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Do you work at Taco Bell?

Cause I’d pay $5 for your box.
👤︎ u/here4thaboobies
📅︎ Apr 09
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Hey girl is your name jingle bells?

Because it looks like you go All The Way. (Credit to 93x morning show)
👤︎ u/D34DM4N1989
📅︎ Nov 27
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do you like christmas?

because you can jingle my bells
👤︎ u/Tbrouxk
📅︎ Jul 04
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Want to play notre dame?

You play with my bell tower and I’ll leave you with a burning sensation
👤︎ u/shamu060391
📅︎ Apr 16
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One I thought up for Christmas

Hey girl, what you doin? Girl: Nuthin, you? Oh, I was just ringin the bells on my Christmas tree, just wanted to check if you got your wings yet.
👤︎ u/Scone_Zone
📅︎ Dec 24
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