Blindfold Pick up lines

The best Blindfold pick up lines

Damn girl are you a piñata cause imma need a blindfold to hit that

Guaranteed to get you slapped
👤︎ u/bladthelad
📅︎ Sep 20
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Hey girl are you a pinãta?

Cuz id have to be blindfolded to hit that
👤︎ u/Simppa1
📅︎ Oct 10
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Damn girl, are you a pinata?

Cuz I'm gonna need a blindfold before I hit that.
👤︎ u/podolot
📅︎ Mar 05
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Girl are you a piñata?

Cause i'd need a blindfold before i hit that
👤︎ u/dnikxo
📅︎ Mar 13
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Girl you like a piñata

Cause I'll need a blindfold to hit that
👤︎ u/totrod33
📅︎ Mar 07
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