Bra Pick up lines

The best Bra pick up lines

You can call me a bra from now on

Cause I wanna make you uncomfortable and touch your tits
👤︎ u/agenthesh
📅︎ Jun 02
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Hey sir are you my bra strap?

Cuz I want to hook you up and get you under my shirt.
👤︎ u/zeek1999
📅︎ Jul 17
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If you was a bra size you’d be an A

And I can give you that D you desperately want
👤︎ u/redmanup
📅︎ May 12
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Hey girl, are you hiding opiates in your bra?

Because, I see a perky-set!
👤︎ u/Evry1cansuckit
📅︎ Aug 30
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Hey can you help me cross the road?

I became blind, my eyes got lost somewhere in your bra.
👤︎ u/nine9ten10
📅︎ Sep 28
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Is taking off your bra the highlight of your day?

Because it sure would be the highlight of mine
👤︎ u/WangHotmanFire
📅︎ Sep 17
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Anything you wanna get off your chest?

Cause I'd love to take that bra off and give you a back rub
👤︎ u/suyashve
📅︎ May 23
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I've heard you're good at algebra

could you replace my X without asking Y?
👤︎ u/g1ldedsteel
📅︎ Feb 21
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