Craft Pick up lines

The best Craft pick up lines

I can craft pretty well

So does that make you mine?
📅︎ Feb 02
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Do you know the crafting recipe for out?

Because I wanna make out with you 👉👈
📅︎ Oct 29
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I want you to be minecraft...

but without the craft
👤︎ u/_ixjiji
📅︎ Dec 10
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Are you my arts and crafts project?

Cuz ill do you dirty
👤︎ u/734n
📅︎ Dec 01
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Are you a crafting table?

Because you can make my piston sticky
📅︎ Feb 23
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Hey baby, are you a Diamond Sword?

Because I heard how you swing, why don't you CRAFT a bed next to MINE\~?
📅︎ Oct 12
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