Horse Pick up lines

The best Horse pick up lines

If you were a horse....

I'd spank you every time I'd want to ride you faster
👤︎ u/RedditFurryWizard
📅︎ Dec 28
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Damn girl, you a horse?

Cuz I wanna ride you till you get a broken leg, then shoot you.
👤︎ u/Krimson_Klaww
📅︎ Sep 15
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Hey boy, are you a horse?

Because I just want to ride you.
👤︎ u/MO_DOK
📅︎ Aug 31
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My chinese zodiac is horse

Do you want to ride me?
👤︎ u/chickpet
📅︎ Aug 23
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Hey girl, need a horse?

Cause’ I’ll let you ride on me all night.
👤︎ u/infinity-69420
📅︎ Oct 02
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Hey girl, is your father a horseman?

Her: why, because i have crooked legs? Me: no because you have a horse face
👤︎ u/someweirdbanana
📅︎ Jul 20
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Hey girl do you like apples?

I bet you do because you look like a fucking horse.
👤︎ u/smeowsred
📅︎ Mar 17
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I need a pickup line for a girl named Emma

She likes horses. EDIT: she also has red hair
👤︎ u/jman2000000000
📅︎ Dec 21
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Do you like executing animals?

Because I'm hung like a horse.
👤︎ u/agoodfourteen
📅︎ Dec 10
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