Fille Pick up lines

The best Fille pick up lines

Are you a jelly filled donut

Because all you are is curves and sugar with a gooey inside
👤︎ u/Sorrysenpai420
📅︎ Jan 09
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Are you a construction suite?

Because it appears that you’ve got some holes that need to be filled with CEMENt
👤︎ u/Madpenguin2006
📅︎ Jan 10
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Hey girl! Are you the gol gappes?

Coz you're filled with pure love.
👤︎ u/SnooMacarons3759
📅︎ Aug 20
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Hey can I ask a rhetorical question?

If ud be born a fruit, what kind of fruit whould you be and why? /i/ idk a mango maybe, cuz Im really sweet on the inside/i/ Ok cool I like mangos /I/ what fruit would you be?/i/ I'd be a passion fruit. Do you know why? /I/ oh I know! Is it because ur really passionate on the inside?/i/ No it's because my balls are filled with a lot of seed!
👤︎ u/rcharzz
📅︎ Sep 04
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When she says voting is sexy...

And her nickname is Dottie. DAAMN girl are you a ballot? Because I'm about to slam you on a desk and I won't stop till all of your dots are filled.
👤︎ u/H0L3PUNCH
📅︎ May 30
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a dentist pickupline?!

I hear you have an anal cavity you need filled..... wanna make an appointment?
👤︎ u/captraddish
📅︎ Mar 25
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