Nights Pick up lines

The best Nights pick up lines

Are you last nights dinner?

Cuz I wanna forget you the morning after
👤︎ u/maxolsen08
📅︎ Dec 20
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Hey are you the nights sky

Because I want to admire your beauty all the time
👤︎ u/itsjustmemes123
📅︎ Dec 03
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How I get boys to talk to me at bars

Junior Year of College when I first started going to bars on Thursday nights, I was getting into the Juul. I didn’t have my own but when ever I was at a bar and some guy had a juul I’d ask them if I could hit it. They’d let me, I’d smoke it for a minute. Then give it back. After that, they would always try to talk to me. So eventually I used the “can I hit your juul” to start convos with guys at shitty college bars. No longer gonna be my pick up line with Covid tho. And I quit juul too haha.
👤︎ u/lizbradley33
📅︎ Aug 15
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