Plastic Pick up lines

The best Plastic pick up lines

Sometimes you gotta destroy something beautiful

And grl, I want to destroy you. By placing Van's full of home made plastic explosive made from the rendering of the fat first the soap we make to sell back to the rich women who we got the lard from in the first place along your foundations strategically, to wipe the nation's debt record causing utter irreversible chaos
👤︎ u/quaado_17
📅︎ Jan 27
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Are you a plastic bag

Cause you take my breath away
👤︎ u/djhdowl
📅︎ Dec 23
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What do KUWTK family & dump yards have in common?

👤︎ u/nothersheysyrup
📅︎ Sep 12
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"Does this belong to you...?"

(Setup: Before you try this you need to preplan and have a piece of jewellery or something with you. IE... bracelet, necklace, etc even if it's plastic junk) ... "Excuse me does this belong to you?" (hold out jewellery) HER: "Nooo???" "Are you sure?" HER: "Yeahhh" "Oh, well I found it at the other end of the bar and the guy there said it belonged to the prettiest girl in the bar, so I figured it was yours" ... works 100% of the time.
👤︎ u/iamusuallyright102
📅︎ Feb 25
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Ask three questions - brainstorming

Can anyone think of three questions to ask a girl that will always result in a funny combination no matter what she chooses? For example Q1 - leather or plastic? Q2 - raccoon or pug ? Q3 - tacos or tofurkey? So say she says leather, raccoon and tacos You can be like .. well from the looks of this I’m talking to a pansexual leather wearing trash panda that likes to eat tacos . Haha Anyways .. can anyone else brainstorms some more of these ?
👤︎ u/Wahwahwee10
📅︎ Feb 14
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Hey you shouldn’t litter

You can put your plastic bottle in my recycling bin any time 😉
👤︎ u/Vanthesoupcan
📅︎ Feb 08
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Hey girl are you a turtle?

Cause I want to put a plastic condom inside you
📅︎ Oct 26
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