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The best Cents pick up lines

If I got 5 cents everytime I saw someone so beautiful,

I would have 5 cents.
📅︎ Jun 14
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I'm 10 cents short on milk... I need you to complete my life.

its a cereal dumbass
📅︎ Oct 17
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If we were both pennies...

We would have two cents to rub together.
👤︎ u/Eriforth
📅︎ Jul 16
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Are you the type of person that has a lot of spare change?

Because my dad always said I needed some cents, and a dime like you could be the change I need.
📅︎ Dec 23
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hey girl did you fall from the vending machine?

cause you lookin like a snack worth about 50 cents less than what im paying
📅︎ Nov 25
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In the form of a logic puzzle.

The solution to the German Tank problem states that if you confirm for certain that at least n of something exists, then the total amount of that thing is probably 2n. Therefore, if I confirm for certain that at least 1 guy likes you, then there are probably at least 2 guys that do. Now, how do we know that the number of guys that like you are at least 1? Well, the same way that you know, when countin money and starting with a nickle, that you have at least 5 cents. You don't need to know the number, you just need to confirm that one guy likes you, and then you know that at least 1 guy likes you. I am unable to assess to emotions of other guys, but despite that, I know for absolute certain that one guy likes you, and therefore that there are probably two. How do I know that?
📅︎ Apr 03
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If I had a nickle for every girl as pretty as you...

I'd have 5 cents
📅︎ Sep 09
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