Regret Pick up lines

The best Regret pick up lines

Damn girl are you cocaine?

Cause I wanna do you all night, then regret it after
👤︎ u/Royal-Image7326
📅︎ Sep 24
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Hey girl are you 2020?

Because I regret coming in you.
👤︎ u/aarsh_gajjar
📅︎ Jun 01
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Are you the US riots going on right now?

‘Cause you make me want to smash, though I know we will all regret the mess it brings after.
👤︎ u/SlugABug22
📅︎ May 31
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Hey girl, are you a Christmas tree?

Because I’m gonna take you down too early and regret doing it
👤︎ u/Doyle012
📅︎ Jan 04
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Damn, girl, are you my 4th grade school picture?

Because I wanna put you on the list of bangs I regret.
👤︎ u/Daniel_A_Johnson
📅︎ Aug 08
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Need help remembering this pick up line.

So I was drunk tindering and I used a line on this girl but I have no idea what my blacked out mind had as a punchline. This is what I wrote Me: I see a regret in your future. Her: haha do ya? Any help to this would be appreciated.
👤︎ u/Sebiscuits
📅︎ Apr 23
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