Criminal Pick up lines

The best Criminal pick up lines

You girl, are you a major criminal?

Because I'm with the FBI, and you just made the most wanted list.
📅︎ Feb 21
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Are you the criminal activity of burning the property of others?

Because I want your arson my lap 😏
👤︎ u/jalbeelee
📅︎ Apr 13
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Hey, are you criminal

Because you're cuming with me ;)
📅︎ Dec 24
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Damn girl, is there a criminal on the loose?

Cause I'm tryna cuff that.
📅︎ Mar 11
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Hey girl, is your heart made of diamond?

*Because I'm a smooth criminal*
📅︎ Dec 17
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Damn girl are you an appendix because i dont understand how you work but this feeling in my stomach makes me wanna take you out

Smooth Criminal
👤︎ u/sickcontz
📅︎ Jul 23
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hey are you a police officer

cus now im a ***hardened*** criminal
👤︎ u/yeetman428
📅︎ Dec 08
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Girl, I should submit you to the International Criminal Court...

...because every moment I'm not getting your number is torture.
📅︎ Dec 18
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