Season Pick up lines

The best Season pick up lines

What's common between you and summer season?

Both make me thirsty
👤︎ u/sohamrockz
📅︎ Feb 12
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You remind me of[Your favourite season]

because whenever you are near/close things seem to get pleasant and better
📅︎ Jan 15
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Grand Tour - seasons 3 - episode 12 -49:22

I believe that I have found the ultimate pick up line
📅︎ Sep 06
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Are you salt and pepper?

Because your the seasoning I want on my meat.
👤︎ u/CheckMisan
📅︎ Jun 22
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Hey Babe, You know GoT last season has rushed into finishing the story

But I assure you, between us it will be a pretty long season
📅︎ May 25
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No explanation needed.

Friends, Season 5, Episode 16, 11:25
👤︎ u/iamdaddd
📅︎ Jul 07
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Do you like The Walking Dead?

I'll bang you so hard, your eye will pop like Glen in season 6
📅︎ Aug 11
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Crop circle ice-breaker:

"You know, I'm the one responsible for those crop circles in England." -- Jerry Seinfeld From Seinfeld season 3, episode 9, "The Nose job"
👤︎ u/rinn10
📅︎ Jul 06
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