Best Pick up lines

The best Best pick up lines

You can fall from the sky you can fall from a tree but the best why to fall

Is to fall in love with me
👤︎ u/dj-crumpet-extream
📅︎ Oct 30
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Are you the best Minecraft speedrunner?

Because I see you in my Dream.
👤︎ u/AsaSage
📅︎ Dec 14
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What to actually say when approaching somebody

A lot of guys say “I don’t know what to say when I approach a woman,” so I decided to write this article with some tips. The thing women are most attracted to is an adventure, and a fun conversation should be an adventure where you and her are tackling a difficult, interesting, and fun subject, with you in the lead. The “value” you provide her is your leadership in the conversation, and the value she provides is that she contributes to the fun of the conversation. Your goal, therefore, is to get the conversation to a point where it is fun and interesting before she loses interest and becomes bored. To do this you must “hook” her with an opener, and then you can hopefully get the conversation to a point where you are talking about deep, fun, interesting stuff as quick as possible. **Openers** A compliment is a great opener because it implies that she has already done something to contribute to your emotional experience. You can say “Hey, you look fucking amazing” or “Hey you look fucking hot” or “Hey, I love your shoes, backpack, hair, etc…” or “I fucking love your energy and aura.” If she reacts with interest, you can follow it up with “What’s your name” or something like “You are hot, but are you nice/cool/etc…?” If a girl is having a great time and exuding joy and positivity, I will make that the basis of my compliment and say something like “You look like you are having the most fun of any person here” or “Damn, I love how you came to turn the fuck up tonight” or “Thanks for coming. This party is so much better because of you.” I can already hear you dorks squealing “you can’t tell a girl she looks hot! You will look needy, creepy, etc…” Wrong. As you will learn, creepiness is when you do more for a woman than she has done for you or than she deserves. If a girl spends a bunch of time doing her hair and makeup before she goes out and you tell her that she looks great, you are doing the right amount for her. If, however, you tell her she looks hot and she brushes you off, and then you hang around staring at her with your tongue out, THEN you look creepy. A simple and effective opener is to introduce yourself. “Hi, my name is X. What’s yours?” This is good for more formal situations where you can’t go around telling girls they look fucking hot. If you are in a party or something where everybody knows each other, you should introduce yourself to every single girl there as a matter of course. You can also keep it simple and go with “Hey, how are you?” or “What’s going on with you?” or “Hey, what’s up?” Because these statements have relatively low emotional impact, you need to deliver them with extra intensity. If a woman is mid-conversation with somebody else, you can butt in and say “Hey I’m really sorry for interrupting, but I just wanted to say you look fucking amazing.” If there is a group, you can hand out compliments to the entire group, but you should quickly settle on one woman and make it clear to everybody that she is your target. If you want to get a little spicy, you can try the following: “Sorry for interrupting, but you are too hot for this place.” If you want to get extra extra spicy, you can say “you are too hot for these guys you are with.” If the girl is clearly too good for the guys she is with and is clearly unhappy with them, this can work. Otherwise, it is risky. “So, what’s your deal?” (with a sly grin) “Congratulations, what’s it like to be the hottest girl in this club?” If you have a friend with you, a very effective approach is to go up to the girls and introduce them to your friends. For some reason, this technique has been very effective for me, and I am not sure why. It might be because I am immediately giving my friend social proof in front of the women, or maybe it is because my friend does not look needy because he is technically not the one doing the approach. For whatever reason, it works. Many men approach women and immediately lose confidence or their mind goes blank. To prevent yourself from doing this, I suggest at least one follow up line to keep the conversation going. “Where were you before this?” or “What have you been up to tonight?” “What did you do today?” (This one sounds weird but it is actually very effective. Everybody is thinking about what they did that day, and it sounds like something you would hear from somebody you were close with). “What brings you here tonight?” “Have you been here before?” “Are you having a fun night?” “How do you guys know each other?” (when there are two people) For your second line, you can also use one of your other openers. For example, if you open with “hey my name is” your second line can be “you look fucking hot.” If you think those lines are corny and you think you can do better, then fuck off and think of your own. Remember, these scripted lines are back-up plans for when you cannot think of anything else. It is always better to be in the moment. What you say doesn’t matter as much as how you say it. **Deep conversation subjects** Ideally, your goal should be to get the conversation as deep as possible as quickly as possible. The purpose is for you and her to go on an adventure and “conquer” the difficult question. Here are some go-to questions I use, including my answers for these questions. What is the craziest thing you believe? (My answer: I believe in mind reading) Do you believe in ghosts? Aliens? (My answer: I am open to anything being true) What is your favorite conspiracy theory? (My answer: That Paul McCartney died in a car accident in the 60s and the current Paul McCartney is an imposter) What do you think a dream is? (My answer: a dream if your subconscious brain trying to help you solve a problem) If you could be any celebrity, who would you be? What is your idea of a perfect day? (Wake up, get high, go surfing, drink some cappuccino, have a delicious meal, fuck somebody I like) What do you think love is? (My answer: when you commit to doing the best thing for the other person, no matter what ‘the best’ is) What do you think a true friend is? (My answer: somebody who will be there for you at 3 AM). What superpower would you have if you could have any? (My answer: flying) What would you do if you had all the money in the world (My answer: buy myself an island and help poor people) What are you reading now? (My answer: whatever I am reading at that time). Other good subjects are drug stories, stories about times you did something really stupid, uplifting stories about a time when somebody was a good friend, and stories about a time you were really scared/embarrassed/uplifted/excited. Basically, any strong emotion. Because these subjects are deep, sometimes controversial, and require vulnerability, please make sure you do not say anything rude or judgmental. If you ask somebody what the craziest thing they believe is, and then you make fun of them for it after they do it, they will not open up to you again. Most people refrain from talking about subjects like this for the very reason that they are afraid of being judged. You want her to feel comfortable, open, and vulnerability. You might say “these are pretty serious subjects to bring up to a woman.” You are right – you have to find a way to talk about this stuff in a light-hearted, fun way. Take away the stigma and pressure off of these subjects and make her feel like there is no “wrong” answer and you are both there to have fun, not for anybody to “win” or make the other person feel bad. The purpose of these questions is to spark a deep, interesting conversation that touches people’s emotions: their desires, their fears, their values, etc… **Topics to Stay Away From** Stay away from anything relating to politics or religion if it something that you and her will inevitably disagree on. Also stay away from boring subjects like “what is your favorite movie or album”? That stuff is actually much less interesting and deep than people think. Stay away from exes. Stay away from subjects that could be interpreted as creepy – if you are interested in famous rapists or serial killers, you may want to keep that to yourself until you guys know each other very well.
👤︎ u/Woujo
📅︎ Dec 22
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I need to raise a complain to google

They don't have you listed as the best place to eat out this week.
👤︎ u/kallia16
📅︎ Feb 10
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The best Sunday I can think of?

You, me, Netflix and mimosas with no pants on. Oh sorry, I meant bottomless mimosas.
👤︎ u/Jake20019
📅︎ Jul 01
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Hey Girl are you Gillette?

Because you are the best a man can get!
👤︎ u/Pradeep24_07_1999
📅︎ Feb 14
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How to get laid in 5 esay steps

1 find a girl. 2 get her a drink 3 think of the best pick up line, better than anyone has ever thought of. 4 for repeat what you said in your head. "Are you my pinky toe, cuz your cute, little, and I know I'm gonna smash you against the coffee table later🥴" 5 get laid
👤︎ u/ram-dam-jam-slam
📅︎ Jan 10
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Roses are red, your beauty has me shaken up

Just like the Folgers slogan, you’re “the best part of waking up!”
👤︎ u/thebcruz
📅︎ Dec 15
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Girl, is your name Gillette?

.......... Because you're the best a man can get.
👤︎ u/bsnshdbsb
📅︎ Jan 17
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This one is if you waited a time after you matched

If I wait any longer with an icebreaker, the ice would be melted by now (Worked for me) Note: it's translated from dutch, so it might not be the best
👤︎ u/exciim
📅︎ Jan 09
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Well the best things in life are free...

Use this line if you find out a girl doesn't like being spoiled
👤︎ u/Adolf-M-Stalin
📅︎ Sep 10
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Roses are red, I can show you your true worth

You’re like the Snapple slogan: “Made from the best stuff on Earth!”
👤︎ u/thebcruz
📅︎ Dec 30
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Baby, are you the vaccine?

Because you’re the best damn news I’ve had all year
👤︎ u/wolf_ricky
📅︎ Nov 13
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It's believed that people see the best things in life 5 minutes before they pass away

Should I die to meet you?
👤︎ u/Aurosonic
📅︎ Jul 21
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Best First Text To Girls On Dating App

I'm a man and looking for a long term relationship and it is kind of brain storm to comeup up with a new customized one for every single profile. Besides, we can't expect everyone to respond or even look at it. What are someof your best pickup lines for girls on a dating app ?
👤︎ u/SecureBeforeYouBuild
📅︎ Jul 12
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You may fall from the sky or fall from a tree

*But the best way to fall is in love with me.*
👤︎ u/anonymous0876
📅︎ Dec 04
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I was looking for best places to eat nearby, and.. Google Maps sent me to you
👤︎ u/lifereviews
📅︎ Aug 11
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I wonder what’s rougher my childhood trauma or the sex we’re gonna have

My best pickup line
👤︎ u/Malborchik
📅︎ Dec 17
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I'm mad that google didn't tell me

That you were the best place to eat out
👤︎ u/da_pro_guy
📅︎ Jun 17
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Girlllll are you a Gillette razor ?

Cause you’re the best a man can get.
👤︎ u/pre10ds2bsh0ked
📅︎ Dec 04
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F*ck, I gonna need a map...

"What for?"/ To find the best way inside your pants
👤︎ u/AkvonReyne
📅︎ Nov 19
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Literally the 2 best pickup lines ever

Ok boys, these are not my own invention, but rather from a Key and Peele sketch. However, I have field tested them in real life, and I do have a 100% success rate with them or variations of them. “Looking at you is like looking at a mountain creek after a spring thaw, simply refreshing!” AND “You ladies are smoldering, just like the sun! And just as bright too, in those dresses!” Change them up a little. For example: “You are smoldering, just like the sun! And just bright too, with that smile.” If you really want to, you can add in a little “What is your secret?” After initial delivery Good luck boys!
👤︎ u/Rin_de_TongNou
📅︎ May 21
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“I’m bored. I have nothing to do”

Pick up lines come off best when you have good build ups. When she/he says something like this, build up for your climax like: “Yeah, since you are done with work why don’t you work on some hobbies” “...” after she/he says anything “You know you’re also always welcome to do me”
👤︎ u/ecolocomoco
📅︎ Nov 17
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Do you know the best part of being infected by Coronavirus?

I got to stay next to you in Quarantine
👤︎ u/thisandthat1997
📅︎ Mar 18
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Hit me with your best pickup lines mah dudes

I’ll try em out and post the results here if you’d like.
👤︎ u/lavenderlyfe
📅︎ Mar 16
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Damn girl are you a lawyer

Because I’ve been convicted of 3 separate, but related, counts of murder and am in need of an attorney that get me the best possible outcome for my trial
👤︎ u/TheTriforceEagle
📅︎ Sep 15
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With you, I feel like having the best time of my life...

We'll smash later, first be my wife - Day 88
👤︎ u/suyashve
📅︎ Apr 03
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Best ever, tested and works

(when you have a drink in your hand and you are speaking to a woman: make an audible shrug) *" i should really stop drinking now. Could you please take away my glass before I try to kiss you?"*
👤︎ u/sg1ooo
📅︎ Mar 13
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Are you my mental health?

Cuz, sure, your not the best but I can't live without you.
👤︎ u/_MyChemicalTrench_
📅︎ Oct 13
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I may not be the best looking guy around here

But im the only one talking to you
👤︎ u/rawxxiv
📅︎ Jan 13
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For the Brooklyn nine nine fans

Are you the Halloween heist? Because I’ll spend months plotting and planning the best way to make you mine.
👤︎ u/Jrbampton
📅︎ Apr 16
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Winter is the best time of the year

Because it's the time I start warming up to you.
👤︎ u/LeG1tSwaGG
📅︎ Dec 23
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I’m complaining to google maps about you..

For not being labeled as the best place to eat out
👤︎ u/Evan_Johnson01
📅︎ Sep 11
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im filing a complaint to Google maps

for not recommending you for the best place to eat out
👤︎ u/that1kidinthecornerr
📅︎ Jul 23
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I have tested positive for

Being the best thing that'll happen to you
👤︎ u/zlogonjepissa
📅︎ Aug 28
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Ma'am are you Gillette.

Cause you're the best a men can get.
👤︎ u/abvazir
📅︎ Mar 11
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Best response for Are you the bottom of my laptop? Because you're really hot and I'm getting nervous.

What's the best, funny comeback for this pickup line?
👤︎ u/Desiree_Keto
📅︎ Nov 22
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Do you ever think that all of this is just a fantasy, something created from our mind?

Beacause if this hypothesis is correct you're the best thing my fucking mind ever created
👤︎ u/Stunning-Location-27
📅︎ Aug 27
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Do you work for ISIS ?

Cause you got the best blow jobs
👤︎ u/Gu4v4LOL
📅︎ Feb 29
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Hey girl, are you Folgers?

Because you’re the best part of waking up.
👤︎ u/Shayydii
📅︎ Apr 26
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Does your family own the local bakery?

Cause I can see you've got the best cake in town
👤︎ u/suyashve
📅︎ Jul 02
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Have you heard of the Titanic ?

Wasn't the best icebreaker..
👤︎ u/W0LVS
📅︎ Jun 05
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Hi Guys, I wanna start to play in company. I woud like to know what are the platforms/channels you usually use to find your wingmans. All advices are usefull. Thank you in advance.
👤︎ u/Wings-Info
📅︎ Oct 12
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Are you my best friend?

Because I really like you a lot and I don't know how to tell you and Everytime I try to flirt with you you just brush it off laugh and tell me I'm so stupid when all I wanna do is cradle you in my arms as we travel to different places and eventually settle down and build a family together cause I wanna show you off to my family and you keep talking to all these boys that mistreat you
👤︎ u/yourfellowbrokeboi
📅︎ Aug 22
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Do you know the term "best girl" ?

The phrase was inspired by you
👤︎ u/Clear_Beard
📅︎ Aug 19
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So what’s the best way to do this?

Start with your heart until I get in your pants or in your pants until I get to your heart?
👤︎ u/RKG1998
📅︎ Feb 12
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Corny but it worked on me!

(Usually best done around lunch time) * drop sugar packet * * tap girl on shoulder * "Hey, you dropped your name tag" and give her the suger 😎
👤︎ u/rashmichele
📅︎ May 31
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Are you looking for someone like me who has a Master's in Interior Design?

Because I've been told, I'm the best at rearranging guts
👤︎ u/sarthaksam003
📅︎ Aug 09
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Do you think life is a movie?

Cuz if it is; you're the best part.
👤︎ u/Attentionseeker101
📅︎ Dec 22
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Rose's are red, violets are blue, you got nice tits, wanna shag?

For best effect imagine Matt Berry is saying this
👤︎ u/mrbrightbluesky
📅︎ May 29
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Stumbled upon the best 10/10 I've seen on instagram earlier, give me your best openers

Most upvotes wins
👤︎ u/Emerge12
📅︎ Nov 15
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Ugh, google doesn’t work, like, at all!

Every time I look up “best person ever” it doesn’t show pictures of you. ;)
👤︎ u/That-One-Mistake
📅︎ Jun 17
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You could fall from the sky, you could fall from a tree

But the best way for you to fall, is in love with me
👤︎ u/SanguinetheKing
📅︎ Feb 21
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Until you the Maid of Honour for your wedding

Would you like to go out with the best man?
👤︎ u/jainutsav
📅︎ May 28
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Is your name Gillette?

Because you're the best a man can get
👤︎ u/Dangling_Beef
📅︎ May 16
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is you name gillette?

because you're the best a man can get
👤︎ u/entropyconquers
📅︎ May 22
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Best name if you are Italian

Italian Girl: Hey what’s your name? You: I am Mio Italian Girl: so you are mine? You: I could be
👤︎ u/NightR3cover
📅︎ Feb 21
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Best pickup line ever?

I read this somewhere and was so impressed by it like whoaaaa.. It goes.."Baby if you were McDonald's and I was Nike..I would be doing it and you would be just lovin it.."
👤︎ u/squiggly_squido
📅︎ May 17
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The best pickup line I've ever used

I was talking with a girl and she said how she was disappointed in me because I didn't study for a test, and I said "speaking of ways I can disappoint you, do you want to date?" and I don't know HOW that didn't work. Also, around a month later she and I were packing up and leaving class and I said "I think you dropped something" and she said "what?" and I said "your standards. Are they low enough yet that you want to date?"
👤︎ u/Blenjamin
📅︎ Mar 13
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Hey do you work for the TSA?

Because I have several bombs in my bag and if you tell anyone or file a report I will kill you because I have a trained sniper on your head. So it’s best you keep quiet if you want to live. Oh and also, I must be working for the tsa because I have to stop you right there cuz you’re the bomb.
👤︎ u/Tapatioman19
📅︎ Apr 07
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Are you the best thing that have ever happened to me

Cuz you are the best thing that have ever happened to me and i wanna marry u💍💟
👤︎ u/Fellow_general_memer
📅︎ May 21
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