Can't Pick up lines

The best Can't pick up lines

I wanna call you beautiful but I can't

Cause beauty comes from the inside and I haven't been inside you yet
📅︎ Feb 18
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My friends bet I can't talk to the prettiest girl.

Wanna use their money to buy drinks?
📅︎ Feb 08
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Me: Hey I can't find something in the shop, can you help

Them: Yeah sure, what are you looking for? Me: Your number
👤︎ u/Prephem
📅︎ Feb 13
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Hey girl I can't wait to see you at the BBQ.

Girl: what BBQ? Me: the 1 where I slap my meat on your grill.
👤︎ u/killabru
📅︎ Jan 07
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I can't hold a Conversation but...

I'll hold your hand
📅︎ Aug 15
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Can't contain the love

Girl are you Docker? 'Cause I'd ship us anywhere
👤︎ u/rsrs_42
📅︎ Dec 12
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I can't buy you gucci or armani,

but I can make your pussy a tsunami
👤︎ u/Teddyqq
📅︎ May 21
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Did you know you can't breathe while smiling....

just wanted to make you smile 😊
👤︎ u/sanvy09
📅︎ Aug 09
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I can't tell what's more beautful, the wheather today or you.

Her: It's raining Me: Exactly
📅︎ Aug 30
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I can't find my mask anywhere!

Can i wear you on my face instead?
📅︎ Sep 10
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Are you wifi? Cause I can't afford you.

Because you're priceless.
📅︎ Aug 03
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No I can't be with you just a moment

Because I want to be with you all my time
📅︎ Sep 21
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I can't stay near you much

You seem too sweet and I'm diabetic.
👤︎ u/CaptQurashi
📅︎ Sep 10
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Hey girl are you a little mistake that i made years ago and anybody but me remember

Because i can't get you of my mind
👤︎ u/Camuilo
📅︎ Oct 24
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Hey you can't be real

because reality is often disappointing
📅︎ Jun 07
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I'm sure you can't be infected by corona

Cuz the virus dies at high temperatures and you are HOT!
👤︎ u/SvG112003
📅︎ Mar 18
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My doctor said because of my diabetes, I can't have too much sweet

But you remind me today's my cheat day
👤︎ u/eyebrowsus
📅︎ Jun 26
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Can you help me with a math problem that I just can't get?

You + me. Would mind solving it?
📅︎ Mar 26
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Hey you can't spell virus without..

U and I
📅︎ Apr 08
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My friends bet i can't talk to the prettiest girl

Wanna use their money to buy drinks?
📅︎ May 13
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Did you know that Quarantine can't be spelt without

U R A Q T.
📅︎ Apr 12
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I'm sad that i can't make it to the area 51 raid.

But you could help me clap some alien cheeks, because that ass is outta this world.
👤︎ u/darigaaz08
📅︎ Aug 07
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you can't spell quarantine like that!

you are missing the letters U-R-A-Q-T
👤︎ u/123Donutt
📅︎ Mar 27
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Do you have the Coronavirus? Because I can't stop looking... ach-oo

cover your mouth when you sneeze
📅︎ Apr 23
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I can't play Blackjack with you anymore...

because I bust everytime I'm around you.
👤︎ u/notlqke
📅︎ Mar 20
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My friends Bet I can't go out with the cutest girl in our school...

Wanna spend their money on a nice movie? - Day 6
👤︎ u/suyashve
📅︎ Jan 10
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I can't wait to become an astronaut!

So i can explore your heavenly body
📅︎ Feb 05
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can't figure out the meaning

what the hell does " the letter X scares me cuz I never wanna be yours" mean?
📅︎ Feb 14
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We can't be together anymore

Because I'm on a sugar-free diet and I'm not allowed near sweet things
👤︎ u/AsimOmar
📅︎ Aug 22
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Hi, I can't seem to find my Girlfriend around have you seen?

This is what she looks like... \*Hand her your phone with the selfie camera open\*
👤︎ u/Cesticles
📅︎ Oct 31
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