City Pick up lines

The best City pick up lines

Are you a star in the city sky?

cause you're not the brightest
👤︎ u/Chefsach
📅︎ Jan 23
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Hey girl are you the Kansas City Chiefs

Because I want you naked in Ma home (My home)
📅︎ Oct 08
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Wanna reenact the superbowl?

You could be the referee, I could be the Kansas City Chiefs, and you could totally fuck me.
📅︎ Feb 08
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Are you the city of Troy

Because i want to put a Trojan in you
📅︎ Dec 20
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Is your pussy the city of Jerusalem

Cause I need to take it! DEUS VULT
📅︎ Mar 19
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So I saw this really gorgeous girl sitting on the city bench with a bunch of bags and she got up to start walking, when I ran up to her and said

"Hey you dropped something!" to which she replied "What?" and I said "Your standards. Hi my name's Matt, wanna go out sometime?"
👤︎ u/Nushikiss
📅︎ Jun 12
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Is Gotham City in trouble?

...Because the Dark Knight is rising.
👤︎ u/stuhbs
📅︎ Oct 14
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Hey girl are your legs the yellow brick road?

Because I want to take them to your emerald city
👤︎ u/loopded
📅︎ Feb 22
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Hey can I have your autograph?

You must be one of those famous hot (insert city/country) girls I've heard about. Just your number is fine btw Works well when you're traveling
👤︎ u/farazormal
📅︎ Jul 26
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