Explosive Pick up lines

The best Explosive pick up lines

Sometimes you gotta destroy something beautiful

And grl, I want to destroy you. By placing Van's full of home made plastic explosive made from the rendering of the fat first the soap we make to sell back to the rich women who we got the lard from in the first place along your foundations strategically, to wipe the nation's debt record causing utter irreversible chaos
👤︎ u/quaado_17
📅︎ Jan 27
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The Tsar bomba, the most powerful nuclear explosive in recorded history, has an output of 57 megatons of TNT

and that pales in comparison to how much of a bombshell you are.
👤︎ u/n8p15
📅︎ Feb 06
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I bet you're like calcium bicarbonate..

'Cause if I get you wet, the reaction will be explosive
👤︎ u/zulmii
📅︎ Jun 09
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