Function Pick up lines

The best Function pick up lines

Damn girl, are you the function of sine, because you sure are curvy.

The function of cosine works too
👤︎ u/no-nope-nay
📅︎ Jun 12
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Hey, are you an exponential function?

Cuz my log would like to find your inverse.
👤︎ u/eptgen
📅︎ Feb 24
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Dang girl, you must be traveling at the speed of light

Cause everytime I see your cute face, you break my quantum wave function
📅︎ Aug 02
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Ayy bby, if you were a class and I were a separate function,

would you let me manipulate your private members?
👤︎ u/vasilescur
📅︎ Aug 27
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If i were a function, you would be my asymptote

I get closer and closer to you but we never touch.
👤︎ u/Person_Face
📅︎ Dec 10
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