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what to say to a girl i’ve hooked up with before but just matched with on tinder

she (22f) messages me (20f) something along the lines of “i think i know you from somewhere” (clearly flirting, of course she knows me) what’s something clever to say back?
📅︎ Sep 18
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If The Other Person Likes To Fish- Here’s A Few For You.

You’re reely beautiful. Will you take the bait and go on a date? Nice bass baby. Do you believe in love at first sight? Or should i float by again. You don’t even have a fishing pole, yet I’m hooked on you. I got my walleye on you.
📅︎ May 04
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Your name must be Phonics

Because I'm already hooked on you
👤︎ u/Mfstaunc
📅︎ Aug 21
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So I have a pickup line that I was practicing on a fish I caught.

Needless to say it was hooked
👤︎ u/Naikralc
📅︎ May 08
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