Hotdog Pick up lines

The best Hotdog pick up lines

You should sell Hotdogs,

Because you already know how to make a wiener stand.
👤︎ u/NotAmrit
📅︎ Dec 12
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Hey girl, do you sell hotdogs?

Cause you know how to make my Weiner stand
👤︎ u/FearTheToaster
📅︎ Sep 05
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Girl do you sell hotdogs?

Because you make my wiener stand.
👤︎ u/RussianPredator7778
📅︎ Nov 18
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Damn Girl, you should sell hotdogs.

Cause you make my Weiner stand.
👤︎ u/abvazir
📅︎ Mar 11
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What's the difference between you and a Hotdog?

I don't wanna fuck a hotdog ;)
👤︎ u/AnTony4000
📅︎ Jun 23
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Are you a hotdog bun?

Because I want to put my weiner in you
👤︎ u/papaunclesupreme
📅︎ Mar 11
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Hey girl, I’m tryna make a hotdog

I got the wiener I just need yo’ buns
👤︎ u/ProMinecraftGamer420
📅︎ Jan 05
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Are a packet of ketchup?

Because my hotdog is looking for you.
👤︎ u/ThatGuyOnRed
📅︎ Sep 29
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Hey girl, are you bread?

Because I want to put my hotdog in you
👤︎ u/RiceCookersAreEpic
📅︎ Jun 05
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Would you prefer hamburger or hotdog?

Because either way its going in your buns
👤︎ u/sortofcool
📅︎ Nov 21
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You should start selling hotdogs.

Cuz you can make a wiener stand
👤︎ u/LumpyPick
📅︎ Jan 19
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r u a hotdog bc ur hot

I just thougth of this one!
👤︎ u/ardah
📅︎ May 07
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Girl are you ketchup?

because I wanna dip my hotdog in you.
👤︎ u/fishing_pole
📅︎ May 12
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