I'd Pick up lines

The best I'd pick up lines

I'd like to eat breakfast with you.

Can I invite you to dinner?
👤︎ u/Nussifabian
📅︎ Jan 29
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I'd love to play minecraft with you

To make you mine
👤︎ u/-Bitter-
📅︎ Feb 12
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Hey girl, if you were a sunset I'd want to watch you go down on me.

Came up with this one in the shower, so you know it's good. If used, post their response below 😂
👤︎ u/Mr_Jess
📅︎ Nov 15
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Are you Lewis Capaldi? Cuz I'd love to hear you scream.

This works wonders, trust.
👤︎ u/Bee957
📅︎ Feb 14
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I'd like my salad and you..

In the same way every night Both undressed
👤︎ u/U2Grace
📅︎ Jan 07
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I'd say you're beautiful

But beauty is on the insude, and I haven't been inside of you
👤︎ u/modos365
📅︎ Jan 10
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I'd take you to the movies

But they don't allow outside snacks.
👤︎ u/swarley365
📅︎ Dec 16
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Hey girl, I'd give you 88 instead of 69

That way you'll be 8 twice
👤︎ u/dometic_violins
📅︎ Nov 29
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If I got a rose each time I thought about you I'd keep walking in my garden forever.

Hope she says yes
👤︎ u/Mr_infiknight
📅︎ Jul 21
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Girl if you were Chernobyl, I'd be reactor #4...

Because I want to explode inside of you.
👤︎ u/UsernameTaken_-_
📅︎ Oct 31
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If a Wizard was to ask me at what point in my life I'd like to return to

It would've been when We were happy together.
👤︎ u/Opps1999
📅︎ Dec 07
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I'd like to do Astronomy

And look at the brightest star in the solar system. You :)
👤︎ u/Cheeezio
📅︎ Dec 07
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I'd do Anything for you

Especially You
👤︎ u/fryan4
📅︎ Dec 09
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Your breasts are similar to mount rushmore cause I'd like my face to be amongst them.

👤︎ u/torrenter_11
📅︎ Jul 26
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I'd love to be Saturn

So I could be closer to Uranus
👤︎ u/F3Y_X
📅︎ Jun 26
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Im an Astrophysicist, I'd like to watch uranus

Im an Astrophysicist, I'd like to watch uranus Awesome, huh?
👤︎ u/SUPERN0V4_
📅︎ Oct 15
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I'd break every chair in the world

Just to have you sit on my face.
👤︎ u/rhinosorcery
📅︎ Sep 10
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If I had a penny for every time I've heard about coronavirus I'd have...

Your number?
👤︎ u/SurrealSanta
📅︎ Mar 12
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i'd like to eat you out later

i mean eat out with you later
👤︎ u/Lakshya04
📅︎ May 26
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I'd say I'm lost in your eyes...

But that's not the ocean I'm trying to get to ;)
👤︎ u/FriendsMoreOrLess
📅︎ Aug 25
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I'd never ask you to netflix and chill

I'm more of an IMAX and climax kind of guy.
👤︎ u/F90
📅︎ Dec 17
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I'd like to do u the way i like to drive...

fast and furious.
👤︎ u/dontmakemecallurmomm
📅︎ Aug 09
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Do you drink Mountain Dew? Cause I'd mount and do you ;)

end me
👤︎ u/Cerbrives
📅︎ Apr 29
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I'd call you Apple Pie

Because you're the apple of my eye, cutie pie.
👤︎ u/HeyItsSushant
📅︎ Jun 03
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I was wondering if I'd ask you out...

... Then how would you reject me?
👤︎ u/Spandex420
📅︎ Jun 20
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I'd love to play tag with you

But a girl like you would be playing hard-to-get
👤︎ u/FleaPunchingKid
📅︎ Jun 12
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If you were the wind, I'd want to be a kite

That way you would blow me
👤︎ u/BananaBoi1234
📅︎ Sep 17
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I'd love to tell you you're beautiful

But beauty comes from the inside and I haven't been in you yet.
👤︎ u/W0LVS
📅︎ Feb 13
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Girl, if I were a fly, I'd be all over you ..

because you're the shit!
👤︎ u/kickypie
📅︎ May 27
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When quarantine is finished I'd like to see you in some sort of fashion...

Lingerie preferably
👤︎ u/musingsofmadness
📅︎ Apr 20
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I didn't think I'd find a walrus in here...

But baby you'd walrus be mine.
👤︎ u/jeffreylynngoldblum
📅︎ Jun 10
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I'd say God bless you, but it....

looks like he already did.
👤︎ u/Shub_007
📅︎ Nov 12
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I'd think about the question you just asked me

But I'm too busy thinking about your eyes
👤︎ u/raging4yrold
📅︎ Apr 13
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