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Inspired by a gym conversation

So I was at the gym that I work at today talking with a couple guys I know. This smokin’ hot little blonde thing goes and uses a bench by us and we all notice her, obviously. One of the guys says to me “You better get over there and offer her some free personal training!” And I immediately replied with “Well I’m not a *certified* personal trainer. But hell, I’ve played Doctor a few times and I definitely ain’t got a PhD.”
👤︎ u/Woodyard801
📅︎ Mar 20
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(Inspired by one I just read) Are you an orphanage?

Cus I wanna dump kids inside you.
📅︎ Jul 08
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If you were a dinosaur

You’d be a T-Rex with a Q in front and no Rex after. (ps was inspired by another line I saw. Let me know if this is good about to slide in this absolute beauty’s DMs.)
👤︎ u/Salty_Gibs
📅︎ Jul 12
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Hey girl! Are you a migrant? Coz I wanna take you home.

Inspired from Mr. Sonu Sood
👤︎ u/sanchitk26
📅︎ May 25
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You know I never knew euphoria, but I think I just met her.

Inspired by “C’est la vie” weathers
📅︎ Jul 27
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Do you know the term "best girl" ?

The phrase was inspired by you
👤︎ u/Clear_Beard
📅︎ Aug 19
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What do you and McDonald’s have in common?

I’m hoping you’ll both be open late at night when I’m hungry Inspired by precious post
👤︎ u/Jarboner69
📅︎ Jul 11
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