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The best Finished pick up lines

Dante finished a large pizza in under five minutes

Let's see if i can finish you in four
📅︎ Feb 16
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Hey girl, did you know that every girl I've ever had sex with has come three times, screamed out loud and proclaimed their undying love for me when we finally finished?

So anyways, I was thinking you and I should lose our virginity to each other, what do you think?
📅︎ Oct 19
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Response to "Your name must be Earl Grey, because.."

Today on Bumble, a guy used the pickup line- Your name must be Earl Grey, because you're a real Hot-Tea And I was asked if I had any pickup lines too. I said: Were you responsible for Boston tea party? He said: No, little before my time And I finished by saying: Because looking at you, the tea got wet.
👤︎ u/itratjameel
📅︎ Jan 06
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When quarantine is finished I'd like to see you in some sort of fashion...

Lingerie preferably
📅︎ Apr 20
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Just finished doing anal...

(Anal)ysis that we're a perfect match.
📅︎ Feb 07
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Gurrrl, is you a Sisyphean task? Because I would

easily believe you always complain you're never finished.
👤︎ u/motogucci
📅︎ Jun 05
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Eyyy girl, you like alphas?

Because I'm really buggy and require a lot of maintenance and long term work to uncover my full potential, and in many cases will never be truly finished
📅︎ Jul 16
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