Keeper Pick up lines

The best Keeper pick up lines

I might seem a bit forward but believe me, I'm a keeper.

👤︎ u/eyebrowsus
📅︎ Sep 26
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Are you a lighthouse keeper?

Because baby, your glow would guide me home from the cold dark every single night.
👤︎ u/Stoked_Bruh
📅︎ Sep 10
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Girl, if you played soccer, you'd guard the goal.

Because you are a keeper.
👤︎ u/dibmembrane
📅︎ Dec 15
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Do you work with bee's?

Cause you are defently a keeper
📅︎ Sep 19
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Do you take care of bees?

Because I already know youre a keeper
👤︎ u/Kooolkid65
📅︎ Nov 29
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Hey girl, do you work at the zoo?

Because you look like a keeper. (schmooth af)
📅︎ Mar 02
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Hey girl, are you a goalkeeper

Coz I wanna take a few shots at your goal
👤︎ u/kdash_2307
📅︎ Aug 29
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Hey girl do you play quidditch?

Cause you look like you could be a real keeper
📅︎ Jul 01
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Pickup line for Alexus

Help me out boys, she looks like a keeper!
📅︎ Jun 01
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