Set Pick up lines

The best Set pick up lines

Iā€™m jealous of your mask

Bc It gets to set on your face all
šŸ‘¤ļøŽ u/Professional-Tone665
šŸ“…ļøŽ Feb 18
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Hey girl are you my new drum set

Cause i wanna bang you till my stick breaks
šŸ‘¤ļøŽ u/joeywaschandler
šŸ“…ļøŽ Aug 10
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Wow are you Henry in FNAF 6

Because you set my heart on fire
šŸ‘¤ļøŽ u/In_To_Many_Fandoms
šŸ“…ļøŽ Dec 28
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Are you an expert at Limbo?

Because I hope your bar is set low. šŸ˜›
šŸ‘¤ļøŽ u/bebeshots
šŸ“…ļøŽ Jul 15
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hey baby are you australia?

because you set my heart on fire
šŸ‘¤ļøŽ u/akj104
šŸ“…ļøŽ Jan 24
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Are you a Flamethrower?

Because you set my heart on fire.
šŸ‘¤ļøŽ u/nubsu45
šŸ“…ļøŽ Sep 27
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Hey girl do you like watching the sunset?

Cause you waiting for the sun to set so you can rise?
šŸ‘¤ļøŽ u/kkyorakuu
šŸ“…ļøŽ Sep 20
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For asking nudes(copy and paste it)

There is a certain amount of respect I would love to obtain from you. But this aspect of understanding and knowledge of each other, I would love to get to know you better in all ways in order to respect you more fully, ways i can obtain this respect comes with the knowledge of knowing you better physically, mentally, spiritually and in all other aspects. Knowledge of each other physically can be accomplished in several ways, perhaps a tactic of understanding can be done in photography of our physical bodies. Perhaps we could exchange detailed photographs of us physically in order to understand each other better in turn to set the stage for an even deeper, solid, and respectful relationship
šŸ‘¤ļøŽ u/moel_ester
šŸ“…ļøŽ Jul 20
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are you the list piece of lego?

because you complete my lego heart set
šŸ‘¤ļøŽ u/big-nicks-dick-muget
šŸ“…ļøŽ Aug 26
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I got some fireworks to set off...

If you wanna bang
šŸ‘¤ļøŽ u/McGroon
šŸ“…ļøŽ Feb 17
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Are you 14 blocks of obsidian arranged in a rectangle?

Because i want to set you the fuck on fire.
šŸ‘¤ļøŽ u/ilove2eatbread
šŸ“…ļøŽ Nov 23
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Are you my homework? Because I could just watch a video but I really need the practice

My own take on the classic set up
šŸ‘¤ļøŽ u/Ximension
šŸ“…ļøŽ May 03
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Hey girl, you wanna go out in public with me some time?

Because I'd love showing off to the entire world that you're with me. We can go anywhere you want to go. I'll buy dinner and pay for our movie tickets too. Genuinely no expectation for sex because just knowing you want to spend time with me would get me off. We can get ice creams and lick each other's flavors. Like in super slow motion. If you choke on something I'm going to do everything in my power to keep you alive because when we do have sexual intercourse it will only be with your not dead body. Every time I see you my heart does multiple somersaults inside and I wish you could somehow feel that feeling it gives me so you'd have some idea of how fully head over heels I am for you and that luscious body you're packing into that outfit of yours. When we do make sweet love to each other's bodies you will always finish first. In fact if you don't bust a lady nut I won't be busting a jizz nut either. If you send me nudes not only will I never share them with anybody else ever I will also make sure and keep them inside encrypted folders on external drives that I keep in my 6 foot fire proof safe. Any time I use them to pleasure my weiner dong I'll make sure to put the nudes back into the safe immediately. Before I even clean up the mess you made me make because I was thinking about you and you got me so horny I couldn't even properly prepare ahead of time and get the paper towels ready so I just launched the baby batter right into my belly button. And when our date is over I'm going to be waiting by my phone anxiously awaiting your next texts to find out when I can set eyes on you again. What really confuses me is how I survived all my life without you because now that I know you girl, I can't live another moment without you in my life. Ok so, pick you up around 5?
šŸ‘¤ļøŽ u/muckrak3r
šŸ“…ļøŽ Feb 20
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How do you burn a lot of calories ver quickly?

Set a fat kid on fire
šŸ‘¤ļøŽ u/teddytm1234
šŸ“…ļøŽ Sep 17
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Kiss me if i'm wrong,

But the sun sets in the east right?
šŸ‘¤ļøŽ u/kxhh_xh
šŸ“…ļøŽ Sep 25
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Do you want to go camping?

If you can help me when I pitch a tent maybe we could set up camp afterwards
šŸ‘¤ļøŽ u/musingsofmadness
šŸ“…ļøŽ Nov 09
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Damn girl are you climate change?

Because you are setting world on fire!
šŸ‘¤ļøŽ u/howrallthenaymesgawn
šŸ“…ļøŽ Aug 31
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Hey girl, are you hiding opiates in your bra?

Because, I see a perky-set!
šŸ‘¤ļøŽ u/Evry1cansuckit
šŸ“…ļøŽ Aug 30
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Hey girl are you a fire alarm?

Because I'd like to set you of every night
šŸ‘¤ļøŽ u/RAWR_XD42069
šŸ“…ļøŽ Jul 17
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Are you a pyromaniac?

Cause you set my heart on fire.
šŸ‘¤ļøŽ u/Zetkrum
šŸ“…ļøŽ Jul 13
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Civil Engineering Pickup Lines

Ready, Set, Go:
šŸ‘¤ļøŽ u/moses_yolanda_singh
šŸ“…ļøŽ Sep 25
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Law school pickup lines

Ready, set, go ;
šŸ‘¤ļøŽ u/commielel
šŸ“…ļøŽ Oct 10
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I hope you like limbo

Because I set a pretty low bar.
šŸ‘¤ļøŽ u/tastiefreeze
šŸ“…ļøŽ Jun 20
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Rate my Pick up line?

Girl, are you a heater because you really know how to warm my heart. I don't want you to watch the sunset, I want us to watch the sun set. Wanna go camping? I've already pitched the tent ;)
šŸ‘¤ļøŽ u/iGappy
šŸ“…ļøŽ Sep 02
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Girl, are you 330 grit?

Cuz you are fiiiiiine. Or sub 660 and make her supa-fiiiiine. (Sandpaper grit) Bonus: Sets you up for a sand in the vagina line if she throws it.
šŸ‘¤ļøŽ u/D34DM4N1989
šŸ“…ļøŽ Jun 16
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