Wants Pick up lines

The best Wants pick up lines

Roses are red violets are blue

The FBI wants my penis can I hide it inside you
👤︎ u/dj-crumpet-extream
📅︎ Feb 05
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Two truths and a lie:

1. You’re cute. 2. We should totally date. 3. I’m making this all up. I used this with success. Date coming up soon! EDIT: The date went well. We deleted our apps and got each other’s numbers! EDIT 2: She said she isn’t feeling the chemistry but I am really sweet and she wants to be friends.
👤︎ u/Lol_u_ded
📅︎ Dec 12
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Is your vagina a frog?

Cuz it wants me to ribbit wide open
👤︎ u/SkizzyLeBizzy
📅︎ Feb 08
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