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The best Whether pick up lines

There is a debate whether there are 8 planets or 9

The debate will soon change to 7 planets or 8 after I destroy Uranus
👤︎ u/da_pro_guy
📅︎ Jun 17
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Haha i dont think shouldve thought of this but whatevs lmao

hey girl am i a serial killer cause i want to see you raped and dead in a ditch as you can tell this always gets the girls .......................whether they like it or not
👤︎ u/Jackimate
📅︎ Jan 13
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Hey, you look like you must be Polish.

Because if you were unexpectedly on my bedroom floor right now I'd be going down on you whether I liked it or not.
👤︎ u/beancrumb
📅︎ Aug 26
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You're like an award winning fish

I don't know whether to eat you or mount you
📅︎ Aug 17
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