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Hey girl, are you my homework?

Because you're probably really really good for me and it would be a good idea for me to try and persue you in hopes of self improvement but I'm just lying here thinking about it instead of actually fucking doing anything about it and it's making me feel horrible about myself. Perhaps I don't even deserve the benefits and emotional confidence I'd have earned from you had I just engaged and tried to be a better person. I'm going to die alone, dreaming of the life I could have had, had I just learned to act, rather than dream. Also uhhh because I should be slamming you on my desk and doing you all night hehehehehehehehehe. You don't have to answer. Good Night
👤︎ u/Pheww_
📅︎ Jan 18
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She asked if I wanna have a threemsome...

So the obvious answer is yes, I do. But here's the back story: Back in August, I slid into this girl's DMs. We exchanged a couple playful messages and that was that. I hit her back up again in September just to keep things warm. Then in October I asked, "are you almost ready?" She said, "for what?" I said, "our coffee date." She replied, "I might be ready by December lmao." She could've said that because maybe she had shit going on at the time or if she wasn't interested maybe think I'd forget about her by then. Well, I almost did lol and then I remembered today so I hit her up and said, "Since I'm nice I gave you a little extra time. You ready now?" However, she replied with "wanna have a threemsome with my future gf?" Keep in mind, we hadn't talked since October and it was about a coffee date, we don't follow each other and this was her reply. Now 9 times outta 10 if a girl asked this I'd suspect it to be some simp test or her being bored and just fucking with me with no intention of actually...fucking with me. But right when she sent this message she also looked at my profile and liked a recent (shirtless) photo of me which I don't think a girl with zero interest would do. But at the same time even girls with interest don't straight up ask if you wanna have sex, let alone a threemsome with a "future" gf? Futures gf? Which that's a whole other mindfuck. So I guess the question is, how do I respond with being open to it if it's the 1 out of 10 times she's serious about it, but also not come across as a needy simp to the effect of "omg I would love to!"
👤︎ u/aquariex24
📅︎ Jan 14
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Life is like the word 'color'

It's better with u in it (Sorry if its bad) Edit: I just wanted to say thanks to everyone. I never post, let alone get 1k upvotes for a post, so thanks! Also i got my first award! :D
👤︎ u/Brahmatron96
📅︎ Aug 10
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Damn baby, Are you a phone?

Because I want to hold you in my hands all day and ignore the rest of the world while I stare at you alone in my bedroom.
👤︎ u/PabloAlaska6
📅︎ Aug 05
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Are you my schizophrenia...

Cause with you, I never feel alone!
👤︎ u/CrazyChris05
📅︎ Dec 31
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Hey cutie, are you unlimited olive garden breadsticks and salad

cause you're all I can think about alone at night
👤︎ u/umhum29
📅︎ Mar 10
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Hey ladies, I heard your into confident men.

Well I’m confident I’ll die alone ♥️
👤︎ u/Yourmomsbiggay
📅︎ Dec 24
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Need some lines for my lonely friend

A friend of my who hasn't been, let's say, very successful with girls turns 18 next month. As part of our 'get a girlfriend starter pack' we want to give him a custom made book with some very fun, good and really bad pickuplines. We've already collected some nice ones but are still hungry for more. Hope you guys can help! Any other gift ideas for this 'forever alone friend' are welcome as well! 🙏🏽
👤︎ u/NeedFoodToLive
📅︎ Feb 26
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Geeky] Can you verify that you're human *get out picture of a captcha* because you are the most beautiful creature I've ever laid upon

I think of the weirdest shit when I'm alone on a bus, and I never even use pick up lines xD
👤︎ u/ZeyvGaming
📅︎ Apr 11
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