Alternatively Pick up lines

The best Alternatively pick up lines

Hey, I'm afraid of heights

Would you help me get in bed? Or alternatively: would mind being on top? Or alternatively, if you're gay: would you be my top?
👤︎ u/hiimras
📅︎ Sep 24
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"Hey, are you flexible...

...with your last name?" OR, alternatively: Hey, you know, I'm pretty flexible...with my last name."
👤︎ u/Fabled_Bear
📅︎ Sep 19
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I wish you were my sleep paralysis demon

So that you could keep me up all night Alternatively: So that I could wake up to you everyday
👤︎ u/wollfey
📅︎ Dec 30
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Girl, is your name Oppenheimer?

...because you just made me explode in my pants. Alternatively: ...because you just made my head explode. Thoughts?
👤︎ u/Clipsterman
📅︎ Aug 30
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