Attempt Pick up lines

The best Attempt pick up lines

My attempt at flirting...

Hey girl, I'm really bad at pickup lines, so lemme just take you out some time??
👤︎ u/NixxArt
📅︎ Sep 17
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Hey girl, are you a last ditch attempt for money?

Cuz I'm pretty desperate.
📅︎ Oct 01
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This requires props 👉

Are you holding a bag of limes because you'll need them... Okay so walk up to your target. Drop them and attempt to keep picking them but continue to drop them... Give them the smolder 😏 Hit em with "I'm terrible at pick up limes" I'm a sucker for a good pick up line 😂😉
👤︎ u/Dem1Goddess
📅︎ Feb 06
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