Awake Pick up lines

The best Awake pick up lines

Hey you you're finally awake. Did you fall from the sky?

Cuz I want to give you a rim job in the back of this chariot
👤︎ u/hoppy886
📅︎ Nov 22
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Girl, are you my troubled peeing habits

Cause you keep me awake at night
📅︎ Mar 24
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Girl are you one of those chicks in Aerosmith songs?

coz I can stay awake just to hear you breathing :)
👤︎ u/broaderson
📅︎ Feb 23
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Are you some stupid thing I did at 13 years old and I can't forget?

Because thinking about you keeps me awake at night.
📅︎ Aug 06
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Ay gurl are you a math assignment

Because you'd keep me awake until 2am while I'm doing you
📅︎ Oct 08
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