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The best Cringe pick up lines

sorry but i dont understand

find all line here extra cringe.. maybe 1 in 100 is good if it got some humour. i would rather just come to a girl and tell her she's cute and ask for a number. does shit like this really work in real life? im curious
πŸ‘€οΈŽ u/helloworld23312
πŸ“…οΈŽ Oct 21
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People saying β€œnice” on every post??

What is it with everyone replying β€œnice”? It’s on every post and it’s kinda cringe. Why does everyone do that?
πŸ‘€οΈŽ u/dan_t17
πŸ“…οΈŽ Jun 28
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[Cringe] Girl, are you a computer engineer?

Cause you're turning my floppy disk into a hard drive.
πŸ‘€οΈŽ u/Spartacuz9er9er
πŸ“…οΈŽ Apr 19
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I just had a cashier ask me for my number

I felt like sharing this because I just had a cashier ask me for my number today. It was cringe. So I went to the grocery store today to buy some Gatorade. Went to the cash and I pulled out my phone to answer a text. This is how it went. She asked "Does your phone work?" I answered "Yes." She replied "You should call me to check if it still works" I said "I'll pay with credit...."
πŸ‘€οΈŽ u/Trucknessa
πŸ“…οΈŽ Feb 03
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Wire pick up line suggestion

Hi, guys! Basically, I want to send this girl that I've been talking for a while a photo with my cat and a wire and afterwards to say a funny pick up line regarding the wire. But all I can come with is "Are you an electrician, cuz you got me wired up?" and I just cringe at it. Can you help me with a better one? Thank you!
πŸ‘€οΈŽ u/casescases
πŸ“…οΈŽ Apr 10
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