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Hey is your protein count low

Because i can help
👤︎ u/BiomedinKy
📅︎ Jan 14
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Are you PewDiePie's sub count?

Cause on a scale of 1-10 you're 100,000,000.
👤︎ u/chocolatesereal
📅︎ Aug 25
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I don't bother counting the dates we've been on.

that's because I can't count to infinity.
👤︎ u/coffinedude
📅︎ Jan 30
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Go to the beach and count every grain of sand.

The time itll take you to count them all is how long I will love you
👤︎ u/MooMoo22w
📅︎ Aug 12
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Damn girl are you a lawyer

Because I’ve been convicted of 3 separate, but related, counts of murder and am in need of an attorney that get me the best possible outcome for my trial
👤︎ u/TheTriforceEagle
📅︎ Sep 15
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Make eye constant with a girl and then go into push up position while she’s watching.

When you start doing push-ups start loudly counting from 98-100 and make a huge deal about hitting 100. Then stand up and introduce yourself as the guy who can do 100 push-ups
👤︎ u/billybob226
📅︎ Oct 28
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They say don’t judge a book by its cover. It’s what’s inside that counts.

Well I’d like to find out first hand
👤︎ u/jmahler0514
📅︎ Mar 27
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Babe are you mathematician?

Because you can count on me
👤︎ u/suyashve
📅︎ Jul 10
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She wanted my D, so I whipped out my finest graphing calculator.

It's what's on the inside that counts.
👤︎ u/Leboy2Point0
📅︎ Sep 13
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Roses are red, Violets are blue,

I’m wanted in four states for thirteen counts of home invasion between 2001 and 2002
👤︎ u/elliottinscho
📅︎ Apr 15
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This is not a process that comes in one day. This is how I went about it. One thing you must do is to be constantly learning. Watch and follow different people and coaches and try to take and adapt the information to your specific situation. You must be always questioning what they are saying don´t just accept what they say at face value. Even experts have their own blind spots!! While I was gaming, I was following different people with different approaches, then question those approaches and take my own conclusions. So how did I shift my paradigm? I was always curious. You reinforce the paradigm you are in when you do it over and over again, and that happens because you do not question it. For me it was always about questioning. When I saw other behaviors, I asked: “Where am I doing that?" "Where am I acting like that?” It is easier to watch others and see where they are fucking up but much harder to be self-aware and see where you are fucking up. Until you bring it to your awareness!! Being curious about your own mindset, your own thoughts, your own emotions. Ask “why should I feel like this or why I assume this is normal. Is there a way to see myself that is better? I Was always questioning myself and pushing. Don´t assume what you are doing is the right thing, and that what you are doing is the best you can do. Always question it. Is what I am doing the best thing I could be doing? What alternatives are there? What reality am I assuming to be true? For example, there is the belief that game is painful and hard. Is it really? Or is what you are doing, and your perception that gives you that idea? Maybe if you shift your perception this can help you perceive it has fun. You can see rejection has a negative outcome of the interaction. Or you can see has you are playing a video game and you went up one experience point in your journey and your character is becoming stronger each interaction you go in. Instead of just thinking what “did I do wrong. I am so stupid”. You can think “what was fun in this interaction?” Shifting your perception can help you change your beliefs about yourself and what you are doing. Are you always questioning yourself: “WHY AM I DOING THIS?” A great and enlightening exercise is to Ask why I am doing this and go to the bottom of it- ask “WHY” several times in a row (at least 5 times) until you reach the deepest why. After asking these questions constantly after some time I realized that one of the main reasons I was gaming was that I was looking for validation from woman and the man in the community. I realized I was in for the wrong reasons and I was not really enjoying the process. Even when I got laid, I was not enjoying it, I was elsewhere, thinking I was getting another lay count. When I started to question those things, I stopped looking for validation. Once you realize this and let go of it, your Game starts improving. You become less worried about the outcomes of the interaction and what other people will think. Women start feeling it that you are more present, and less needy. What happens is that you feel less the need to try to control the outcome and you are carefree of it. The more you release of the need to try to control everything the better are your results. Seems counter intuitive but it is what I experienced. Because you are not good enough you think you always must keep talking. You’re afraid she is going to go away. If you get rid of that fear, do what you feel like doing. Paradoxically that is what is going to get you laid more. You must start being aware of your thoughts and how you feel, then you must start thinking that you are good enough. This comes with time while taking action and getting better, your confidence will improve, and your beliefs will shift. When you believe that you are good enough and lose the need to try and control the outcomes is when you have more control and you EXPLODE your results. Hope it was helpful Peace 😘
👤︎ u/barrocasdiogo
📅︎ Apr 07
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I can sing my abc’s for you,

I will give you an A because you’re awesome, a B because you’re beautiful, a C because you count, and I will give you this D because you deserve it, is that a yes? SHE WANTS THE D!!!!!!!!!
👤︎ u/ZE-Mestar
📅︎ Dec 26
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What’s a better slam at me being single?

1. I’m so single my fridge has held more jugs than I have. 2. Does my fridge count as a relationship? I mean, I eat it out every day.
👤︎ u/NedtheDuck5
📅︎ Jan 01
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How many bones are there in a human's body ?

207 if you're counting the one I'm adding in tonight.
👤︎ u/shadowcork
📅︎ Sep 24
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I’d say you’re a 100 out of 100

But everytime I try to count that high you get me stuck on 69
👤︎ u/AndrewPeter17
📅︎ Jul 10
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I'm having a problem...

I'm having a problem... If I take my glasses off I look better - but if I keep them on you look better. I don't know if this counts but it's pretty effective on girls, I've tried it
👤︎ u/Roundsquah
📅︎ Nov 17
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