Ditch Pick up lines

The best Ditch pick up lines

Hey girl, are you a last ditch attempt for money?

Cuz I'm pretty desperate.
📅︎ Oct 01
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Haha i dont think shouldve thought of this but whatevs lmao

hey girl am i a serial killer cause i want to see you raped and dead in a ditch as you can tell this always gets the girls .......................whether they like it or not
👤︎ u/Jackimate
📅︎ Jan 13
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You wanna do a COVID-19 with me?

I'll watch you do a spreadie, screw with a million people, catch me, take my breath away then finally leave me with a massive debt and a depression that can't be fixed, leading me to a life of heavy drinking, self isolation and an eventual heroin overdose in a ditch with my mangled, dirty body never to be found without a soul on earth caring.
📅︎ Apr 03
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