High Pick up lines

The best High pick up lines

Let's get high together

And you can go down on me later
👤︎ u/Insignificant666
📅︎ Jan 10
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Hey baby, are you an American high school ?

Because I want to shoot a load of kids inside you
👤︎ u/wayfair_kid_69
📅︎ Nov 24
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What’s the difference between you and high school?

I’ve already been in high school
👤︎ u/tapperlevi
📅︎ Dec 23
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What to actually say when approaching somebody

A lot of guys say “I don’t know what to say when I approach a woman,” so I decided to write this article with some tips. The thing women are most attracted to is an adventure, and a fun conversation should be an adventure where you and her are tackling a difficult, interesting, and fun subject, with you in the lead. The “value” you provide her is your leadership in the conversation, and the value she provides is that she contributes to the fun of the conversation. Your goal, therefore, is to get the conversation to a point where it is fun and interesting before she loses interest and becomes bored. To do this you must “hook” her with an opener, and then you can hopefully get the conversation to a point where you are talking about deep, fun, interesting stuff as quick as possible. **Openers** A compliment is a great opener because it implies that she has already done something to contribute to your emotional experience. You can say “Hey, you look fucking amazing” or “Hey you look fucking hot” or “Hey, I love your shoes, backpack, hair, etc…” or “I fucking love your energy and aura.” If she reacts with interest, you can follow it up with “What’s your name” or something like “You are hot, but are you nice/cool/etc…?” If a girl is having a great time and exuding joy and positivity, I will make that the basis of my compliment and say something like “You look like you are having the most fun of any person here” or “Damn, I love how you came to turn the fuck up tonight” or “Thanks for coming. This party is so much better because of you.” I can already hear you dorks squealing “you can’t tell a girl she looks hot! You will look needy, creepy, etc…” Wrong. As you will learn, creepiness is when you do more for a woman than she has done for you or than she deserves. If a girl spends a bunch of time doing her hair and makeup before she goes out and you tell her that she looks great, you are doing the right amount for her. If, however, you tell her she looks hot and she brushes you off, and then you hang around staring at her with your tongue out, THEN you look creepy. A simple and effective opener is to introduce yourself. “Hi, my name is X. What’s yours?” This is good for more formal situations where you can’t go around telling girls they look fucking hot. If you are in a party or something where everybody knows each other, you should introduce yourself to every single girl there as a matter of course. You can also keep it simple and go with “Hey, how are you?” or “What’s going on with you?” or “Hey, what’s up?” Because these statements have relatively low emotional impact, you need to deliver them with extra intensity. If a woman is mid-conversation with somebody else, you can butt in and say “Hey I’m really sorry for interrupting, but I just wanted to say you look fucking amazing.” If there is a group, you can hand out compliments to the entire group, but you should quickly settle on one woman and make it clear to everybody that she is your target. If you want to get a little spicy, you can try the following: “Sorry for interrupting, but you are too hot for this place.” If you want to get extra extra spicy, you can say “you are too hot for these guys you are with.” If the girl is clearly too good for the guys she is with and is clearly unhappy with them, this can work. Otherwise, it is risky. “So, what’s your deal?” (with a sly grin) “Congratulations, what’s it like to be the hottest girl in this club?” If you have a friend with you, a very effective approach is to go up to the girls and introduce them to your friends. For some reason, this technique has been very effective for me, and I am not sure why. It might be because I am immediately giving my friend social proof in front of the women, or maybe it is because my friend does not look needy because he is technically not the one doing the approach. For whatever reason, it works. Many men approach women and immediately lose confidence or their mind goes blank. To prevent yourself from doing this, I suggest at least one follow up line to keep the conversation going. “Where were you before this?” or “What have you been up to tonight?” “What did you do today?” (This one sounds weird but it is actually very effective. Everybody is thinking about what they did that day, and it sounds like something you would hear from somebody you were close with). “What brings you here tonight?” “Have you been here before?” “Are you having a fun night?” “How do you guys know each other?” (when there are two people) For your second line, you can also use one of your other openers. For example, if you open with “hey my name is” your second line can be “you look fucking hot.” If you think those lines are corny and you think you can do better, then fuck off and think of your own. Remember, these scripted lines are back-up plans for when you cannot think of anything else. It is always better to be in the moment. What you say doesn’t matter as much as how you say it. **Deep conversation subjects** Ideally, your goal should be to get the conversation as deep as possible as quickly as possible. The purpose is for you and her to go on an adventure and “conquer” the difficult question. Here are some go-to questions I use, including my answers for these questions. What is the craziest thing you believe? (My answer: I believe in mind reading) Do you believe in ghosts? Aliens? (My answer: I am open to anything being true) What is your favorite conspiracy theory? (My answer: That Paul McCartney died in a car accident in the 60s and the current Paul McCartney is an imposter) What do you think a dream is? (My answer: a dream if your subconscious brain trying to help you solve a problem) If you could be any celebrity, who would you be? What is your idea of a perfect day? (Wake up, get high, go surfing, drink some cappuccino, have a delicious meal, fuck somebody I like) What do you think love is? (My answer: when you commit to doing the best thing for the other person, no matter what ‘the best’ is) What do you think a true friend is? (My answer: somebody who will be there for you at 3 AM). What superpower would you have if you could have any? (My answer: flying) What would you do if you had all the money in the world (My answer: buy myself an island and help poor people) What are you reading now? (My answer: whatever I am reading at that time). Other good subjects are drug stories, stories about times you did something really stupid, uplifting stories about a time when somebody was a good friend, and stories about a time you were really scared/embarrassed/uplifted/excited. Basically, any strong emotion. Because these subjects are deep, sometimes controversial, and require vulnerability, please make sure you do not say anything rude or judgmental. If you ask somebody what the craziest thing they believe is, and then you make fun of them for it after they do it, they will not open up to you again. Most people refrain from talking about subjects like this for the very reason that they are afraid of being judged. You want her to feel comfortable, open, and vulnerability. You might say “these are pretty serious subjects to bring up to a woman.” You are right – you have to find a way to talk about this stuff in a light-hearted, fun way. Take away the stigma and pressure off of these subjects and make her feel like there is no “wrong” answer and you are both there to have fun, not for anybody to “win” or make the other person feel bad. The purpose of these questions is to spark a deep, interesting conversation that touches people’s emotions: their desires, their fears, their values, etc… **Topics to Stay Away From** Stay away from anything relating to politics or religion if it something that you and her will inevitably disagree on. Also stay away from boring subjects like “what is your favorite movie or album”? That stuff is actually much less interesting and deep than people think. Stay away from exes. Stay away from subjects that could be interpreted as creepy – if you are interested in famous rapists or serial killers, you may want to keep that to yourself until you guys know each other very well.
👤︎ u/Woujo
📅︎ Dec 22
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You must be a high test score

*Cause I want to take you home and show you to my mother*
👤︎ u/anonymous0876
📅︎ Aug 03
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Hey Girl, are you high test scores..?

Because, i wanna take you home show you to mumma
👤︎ u/kisss-my-axe
📅︎ Sep 24
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Ever since I graduated high school I haven't been fucked so hard

Can you help me relive the experience?
👤︎ u/DarkinexWtf
📅︎ Oct 07
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Are you an American high school?

Cause I wanna shoot kids inside you
👤︎ u/mr_guy1245
📅︎ Jul 30
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Hey are you a High ranking Iranian General?

Cause i wana explode on your face
👤︎ u/Edgy_Shooter
📅︎ Jan 14
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The Egyptians held cats in high regard

I'm not Egyptian, but I'll worship that pussy.
👤︎ u/be4stdoc91
📅︎ Oct 29
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Do sleep in high temp with one blanket or cold temp with five blankets?

Cool, I’ll (raise/lower) the temp in my house.
👤︎ u/PBlake97
📅︎ Apr 06
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i might be high but are your arms rope

cuz i want them around my neck
👤︎ u/slvddy
📅︎ Sep 14
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so i got this girl number how how should i text her number to make her smile we just met each and she’s younger “we’re in high school nothing freaky”

any tips ?
👤︎ u/lowkeyferg
📅︎ Oct 30
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Your smile is like covid

Cause it's highly contagious
👤︎ u/fan-of-you
📅︎ Nov 20
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I'm feeling as high as the twin towers.

So are you gonna blow me up or not?
👤︎ u/BRA3D7N
📅︎ Feb 15
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Hey girl are you my credit score?

Because I just want to get you high and purchase things with you.
👤︎ u/ImpossibleTheory9
📅︎ Sep 30
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Hey girl, Are you a high end GPU with no fans...

Because you're hot af.
👤︎ u/kisshannn
📅︎ Nov 23
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Hey girl are you high ?

Cuz you gonna be even higher on this dick
👤︎ u/IckleBogRoll
📅︎ Dec 03
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Are you real? Because I've only seen a girl like you in my imagination.

Just made this up. Sent as a response to a prompt on OkC where she talked about how she likes math. It's a play on real and imaginary numbers. ;) Keep your head high, bois
👤︎ u/phantomBlurrr
📅︎ Oct 04
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Hey, princess, are you a high chair?

Because I want to put a baby in you.
👤︎ u/8ada55_11ama
📅︎ Aug 01
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Are you my senior year of high school?

Cause every night I had to sneak in through the backdoor.
👤︎ u/chocolatesereal
📅︎ Aug 26
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Damn girl, you must be sweet

‘Cause you lookin’ extra high-fructose. Edit: lmao, this popped into my head while I was making a sandwich and I just had to share.
👤︎ u/KugelBlitzSparks
📅︎ Sep 20
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I’m sincerely amazed at how you people don’t realize how much you are running this /sub with all your lame ass “nice” comments!

Play a video game if you want a high score EDIT: It took me to get really drunk to finally say this, but it’s true
👤︎ u/NYRion7
📅︎ Jun 12
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Hey girl are you crack

Because I get high on your beauty and I’m addicted to you.
👤︎ u/Johnnyboi4131
📅︎ Sep 10
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Hey, are you a basketball?

Cause I want to repeatedly bounce you off the floor and throw you into a hole where you will plummet to the floor at high velocity.
👤︎ u/EggnogHaHaHa
📅︎ Jul 14
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My family has a history of high blood sugar.

But, I’ll still hang out with you even though your really sweet.
👤︎ u/SamGFilms
📅︎ Dec 18
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Are you Brendon Urie?

Because you give me high hopes for a living ✨ (My friend came up with this one and I felt the need to post it 😂)
👤︎ u/bbbroken
📅︎ Jun 17
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I'm sure you can't be infected by corona

Cuz the virus dies at high temperatures and you are HOT!
👤︎ u/SvG112003
📅︎ Mar 18
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Hey girl are you an Alkaline Metal?

Because you make 70% of me highly reactive
👤︎ u/bigshark2740
📅︎ Sep 10
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Did you sit in high fructose corn syrup?

Because your ass is so sweet my body can't tell when it has had enough.
👤︎ u/ItsSylent
📅︎ Apr 08
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Did you just fall from heaven?

Because you look like you’ve been really high recently.
👤︎ u/jimbosquelch
📅︎ Aug 22
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Are you my credit score?

Because I’d look a lot better if you were high right now
👤︎ u/almostawake111
📅︎ Nov 07
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My bloodsugar is so high

If you were a vampire, I'd be dessert. EDIT: dessert
👤︎ u/forward_x
📅︎ Jul 07
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Hey girl, do u smoke pot?

cuz on the cuteness scale you're high as fuck
👤︎ u/OfficialBananas
📅︎ Jan 24
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Help! You’re so hot that you just turned me into a cloud.

Now, I’m high and wet.
👤︎ u/Megaminds-Forhead
📅︎ Nov 22
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I think I wanna be a hitman

Because you sure are high value target and I definitely wanna take you out
👤︎ u/TenFeetHigherPlz
📅︎ Nov 22
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Are you Triscuit Crackers & Mayonnaise?

Cuz I’m high af and you looking like a snack right now
👤︎ u/defydisposition
📅︎ Aug 19
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I’d say you’re a 100 out of 100

But everytime I try to count that high you get me stuck on 69
👤︎ u/AndrewPeter17
📅︎ Jul 10
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Did you used my to do list to roll a joint?

Because you are certainly high on my to-do list.
👤︎ u/Kardight
📅︎ Jun 06
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Your standards needs to be stoned...

Cause they need to be high...
👤︎ u/akassh14
📅︎ Mar 17
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Hey girl are you pizza?

Cause you're giving me high blood pressure. Really just wanted a follow up to the question "Are you pizza?"
👤︎ u/adderall_butter
📅︎ Dec 19
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That Time I got Kicked out of the Thirsty Turtle for Barking at a Girl.

I drink. It’s enjoyable. I think that I am a pretty good drunk too. I don't get overly emotional; I don't get angered easy; the only stupid things I do when loaded hurt me and no one else; and I don't, typically, cause shit. But, every once in a while, I will be out on the town and that little glint will surely be showing in the corner of my eye. I am stretching to remember this story as it happened in a pub that has been since renamed twice. One particular, Friday/Saturday night it was myself, a few buddies and one of my brothers. It was the brother I lived with in the area at the time and we had a treasure trove of inside jokes at all times; I could tell that outsiders found it nearly detestable being around us because they would have no fucking clue what we were talking about. A particular hilarious inside joke we had at this time came out while watching sports, particularly hockey. Our mom's side of the family was a farming family and my mom was, generally, a modern woman with all that behind her; unless you threw her in an exciting situation, then the farmer side would shine forth. This was particularly illuminated whenever she would get excited about sports and she would let out a, what sounded like from a coyote, 'yip' noise. We grew up with that noise popping out above all else at numerous soccer and football games our whole lives. For some reason, either my brother or I did it while watching the Oilers play, and presumably lose, we thought that it was the singlehanded funniest thing in the whole world. All the best comedy is just pointing out the absurdity of commonplace things; our mom's yip was to be no different. So anyways, we are at the Thirsty Turtle one particular night. I have a great crew of guys and it was a pretty great place for talking to girls; really casual and everyone got fucked up there all the time. Through some fucking miracle, I find myself sharing a small table with a young lady and I am doing my best to show her that I am not a rapist; it really is the first thing you need to establish when you are hitting on a girl at a bar; you can’t just say “hey, I’m not a rapist”, you need to use subtlety in order to convince them of your legitimacy. But my brother would walk by and every time he did he would emit that same high-pitched "yip!" I, obviously, would need to respond with the same, it wouldn't be as infinitely funny to us if I didn't. After the first yip, the girl leaned in close to me and said "what the fuck was that? Did you just bark at me?" I laughed at the absurdity of the question and in the midst of my outburst she leaned in again to say "cause I don't fuckin play that." My first thoughts were: "This isn't the first time someone has barked at you?" and "if so, what the fuck are you all about to have this be a common occurrence?" I really did think it was hilarious how serious our conversation got, but wanted to get laid; so, I picked up the slack, changed the subject, and tried to get friendly again. Things were going pretty well until my brother made another lap around the bar. "Yip", he insisted as he walked by. "YIP!" I said with zeal to respond. Needless to say, my date was very unimpressed with my hooting. She leaned in to say something presumptuous, along the lines of: "are you fucking assholes calling me a dog?" I laughed at the craziness of the situation and she got mad and was nearly yelling "Don't fucking bark at me". That glint I was talking about then surged up as if from nowhere and implanted itself on my eye. I leaned right up to her as if to whisper an apology in her ear and said "yip". She didn't say a word as she lifted her leg up, placed her foot on my stool, and pushed off. As I fell backwards I reached for anything I could grab, but there were no handles available; I can still see the lateral rotation of the room and feel my chance to get laid falling to the floor with me. I fell backwards to a luckily unattended area and the only thing that hurt was my pride. The bouncer then came up to me and said "you gotta go". I responded like a little wiener with "but she pushed ME!" He said, "I know, I saw the whole thing, she is getting kicked out the back door". I love how they kicked me out the front and her out the back as if we were to fight. Is that an Edmonton assumption? I left with my tail between my legs and went home to the doghouse again.
👤︎ u/Osborne26
📅︎ Jan 29
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My favorite pick up line:

Are you black? Because your crime reports are high.
👤︎ u/redditisfortrolls5
📅︎ Sep 23
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